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Testing equipment Xbox Kinect
Most paranormal teams see something on TV rush out and buy it then start making claims its a ghost. They do this without testing as to why it acts the way it does. From the kII to laser grids.
Well the link below shows how a proper test is done to discover why the equipment fools paranormalists.
I'm skeptical about Kinect.
There are Remarkable Videos, e.g. In Paranormal Lockdown, but who knows if they did not see much more "Stickman", and only the best scenes were cut into the episode.

I have a stickman in the living room in the large patio window pane.
I click on Disconnet and immediately Connect (in "Windows Kinect Studio"), and the stickman is gone. A real phenomenon would have to reappear immediately.
A good test for "software ghosts".

But tests are still useful.
"Software ghosts" exist, but that does not yet proving a non-function for ghost hunting.
The GH should use it together with other methods.
Simultaneous to Kinect: Thermal imaging camera and EM detectors (pods).
If a stickman appears in the same place as a dark spot (thermal image) and a pod alarm, that would be a strong indication that Kinect works ...
Or it proves the opposite.

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