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Immortal vampyres
In search of genuine immortal vampyre who can help me i am looking for my love if you possibly may know him or can find him and bring him to me that would be wonderful that being said word of caution i know what my love looks like and i very much remember every detail about my life with him so you cant bs me and tell me you found him i will ask questions only he would know also if you think thatby telling me your an immortal vampire that i am this dumb idiot that will believe you you are sorely mistaken you must provide ample proof that you are you say you are and that does include camming me before we meet to show me that you have found him trust is key and if you are a lier a role player or a preditor keep walking i can defend myself and i do carry a gun so dont dadgum with me if you are some perv predator i wont hesitate to shoot to protect myself that being said if you are a sane honest immortal vampire who can provide ample proof then please get ahold of me as i am honest and genuinely seeking help

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