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Writing a letter/petition to neurologists, philosophers etc. for the EVP phenomenon?!

There are neurophilosophists, neurologists, etc., who deal scientifically with consciousness.
How is consciousness generated?
Pure through the matter of the brain or what?
And similar questions.

But is it known to these people that the Electronic Voice Phenomenon could answer their question?
Do these people know the Enfield experiment?
March 26, 1971, faradaysch shielded laboratory at Belling & Lee in Enfield, England.
Three scientists
* Physicist and electric engineer R. T. Lovelock
* A. P. Hale, one of Britain's leading experts in electronic shielding.
* And the engineer Ken Attwood
As well as on the tape, Latvian literary scientist and EVP expert Konstantin Raudive.

Hale said:
In view of the experiments [...] I can not explain in ordinary physical terms what happened.

Attwood said:
I have done everything in my power to lift the secret of the voices - without success: the same goes for other experts. I guess we have to learn to accept them.

English is not my mother language, but there are a few people with influence.
For example, The well-known neuro-philosopher Patricia Churchland:
Pat at patriciachurchland dot com

Or the neurologist Vilayanyur Ramachandran:
Vramachandran at ucsd dot edu

They hold lectures at meetings of neuroscientists and philosophers of mind.

Inform these people that the phenomenon was proven in 1971.
They are supposed to repeat this experiment.
And that these people use it as a way to take their research a big step forward.
When these people repeat and prove it, they have an absolute proof of an immortal consciousness.

Why not? Because, that's what these people are interested in.

We could also write an appealing petition, and send the text and link to these scientists.

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