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The Three Shadows
I would like to share my first encounter with what people call the shadow creatures. I was always fascinated with the unexplained, at times devoting hours of research into different topics. At the time, I was looking into Indian culture--as it related to shapeshifters and changelings--And came upon an article about lucid dreaming. For those who don't know what lucid dreaming is, it is the ability to become fully aware of your dreaming and being able to actively control your dreaming environment. I decided I had to try this. It took about a week of trying to coax my subconscious to allow me to do it. And I succeeded.
In the dream, I woke up from my bed and actively navigated my apartment. If I wanted the TV on, it would turn on. If I wanted the shades to open, they would open. It was amazing. But soon, the environment began to darken. Emotionally and physically darken. The lights dimmed. The TV program turned to snow on the screen. The bright sunlight turned to dark. Something seemed awfully wrong. So, knowing that cats could sense evil, I summoned a cat to my side. As I picked up the cat, it began to his and claw at my arms drawing blood.
Then it felt like I was pushed out of my dream and awoke in my pitch black bed, breathing heavily and heart pounding out of my chest. But I still had this threatening feeling. I could feel sinister eyes upon me. So I sat up and my eyes were drawn to the corner of the room where three figures stood watching me. Completely black, an inky darkness that stood out from every other shadow in the room.
The figure in the middle stood the tallest, at least seven feet tall. The one to the left was about a foot shorter, and the one standing to the right of the tall figure was the size of a child. I could feel an almost evil feeling emanating from them. The tallest took a step toward me, lifted its arm, and pointed at me.
Its voice was deep and rough like sandpaper. It stared a few seconds and said "YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO DO THAT."
As soon as he spoke the last word, I again woke in my bed. This time I was awake. That was the first and last time I attempted lucid dreaming.

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