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Anyone else seen this one? And why is he not trying to scare me? [Long]
You can choose to believe this or not, it is your own choice. But I see no point in lying about such a "ridicilous" point. Okay, So sense I moved I have told everyone that I feel at sometimes, Like I am being watched. The longer everyone has been living here, the more everyone has started reporting feeling the same. Almost every day someone notices or feels a presence of something. Everyone has said to have seen a shadow looking person "a shadow person", specially myself sense I am the one awake most at night and my room seems like the place most active. Nobody has done anything to bring anything in here or to invite anything in, By what anyone of us knows. One day person #2 said that the radio, had been all static and suddenly someone had said "Don't", in our native language it stopped there, It was a woman's voice and nobody has heard of her after that. The person we do see and "hear" of all the time thought is a male. I have heard of shadow people with features but this one I haven't heard of anyone saying or telling about anywhere or anyone similar.

I am the only one in the house who has seen the features, Sense everyone else has only seen a shadow looking like someone. Everyone agrees it's a male still. He is dressed in black from head to toe, his hair are pitch black and his outfit reminds of that of an old time butler, He even has dress shoes. Once when I was in a certain room and person#2 and person#1 were sleeping there. I was watching TV, I felt like someone was watching me from the dark. I watched behind and stared at the open door, that I left there. The same person was standing there and now I could see his eyes because before I had only sawn him sitting on the legside of my bed. I blinked and did everything to assure what I was staring at was real, his eyes were glowing crimson red and he was standing there staring back at me. As the one not afraid of the thing, I decided to just sit back and watch more TV, shaking it off. After a few seconds I felt like he would have came closer and I could feel someone breath on to me. I do live with a cat, but the eyes are not even close to this and the cat has never been present or has any other animal been awake or somewhere, Where I wouldn't have not been seen them. Everyone who can sense him tend to say including myself that it feels freezing and skin goes turns in to goozebumbs when it happens. I do not like to label it myself so soon just by myself, But you can tell what you think it could be, I still don't think that it would be someone who would have died because dead people who have already died "properly" and moved to their place don't come back but if you want, You can suggest that too.

Almost everynight I see the person, Sense I am the one to see him the most. I tend to soon feel when I am trying to sleep, someone breathing on to me. Even at day, I tend to feel breathing lots of the time. Person#1 apparently had not many days ago said in their sleep going around and round like an animal in a cage, yelling "Who is that" I had woken them up slightly after and scared them by that. We have tried all kinds of things that would not invite anything in to get to know who or what he is, But nothing has showed up, The person doesn't seem to speak our native language sense one day we were with person#2 who is known to feel this stuff, etc, with a paper and pen to write down stuff trying as the last thing we could think of to talk to it. It didn't respond to either in anyway when we were speaking in our native, But right off when we started speaking in english we got some stuff that we asked for nothing that would lead us to anything. Person#2 got only two stuff which were what #2 asked for but I wanted leads or anything that would tell a little more being curious like usually. I got some drawings and dates, I got the suit from the front that I had seen on him before, which is pretty easy to see sense he is quite pale like I am, But he looks nothing like anyone we know or us so I do not believe it would be those alternate reality cases either. I got some music, a waltz which is propably just messing with me a little which I did note to him sense I do like messing with people myself a tiny bit and We did have loopholes in questions.. I got a violin which is what the waltz tends to be played with, Also with the dates one of them was around the victorian era and one of them was around the plague: black death, I also got king richard linking to that also slightly. Sense I did google all of these later.

He has by now talked once but I wasn't able to hear it, he did repeat it some times after asking louder but I wasn't able to hear it still properly enough to understand it but it was also in english. As one of the drawings I got a smirk like the type, You'd do when you chuckle or mess with someone a bit. I have woken up in middle of the night while he was breathing in to my ear, I have no possibility of draft in the room, So I was wondering one time what it was and when I turned a bit I saw him almost an inch away from my face, he was covered in the shadow thought then so I could not see his face thought, Sometimes he appears as a shadow and sometimes just as a regular human looking person. But to me it's clear that whatever he is, He is not human. None human has eyes like that.. Person#3 has said that they saw a person standing looking at them while they were sleeping but they did not see any features like I mentioned before. I have had people I know from certain stuff living many times in houses with all kinds of stuff like this, one house was full of them and other had just a few, Everyone elses' houses had stuff that they knew that had invited those things there, Nobody has lived in a house like that now for years and in one of the houses, We had never had anything like that before moving here and we had nothing because of those houses come invite itself in to the houses we moved before this one. I have no idea why it would come and how but it has now invited itself in to the house. I'm guessing he is old even if he doesn't look like what I've seen like it, he has short hair also so and the old clothes tell he doesn't really care about this century/century's fashion that much even thought the hair lenght doesn' prove anything but you know with the long hair on guys on this century. One of the dogs has started being afraid of even opening a black umbrella inside, It's not afraid of anything else really thought. A younger dog which is mine has started jumping on the bed more then usual even on to the ones of other people who the dog knows don't like the animals on furniture, specially on the bed and has started growling at blank, Usually at most of the time we see him at day he doesn't even show a shadow silouette like he does at night. Lots of the time when there is no one to do it, when somebody walks in to the kitchen and everyone knows nobody could have done it and it's unpossible for anyone, They notice that the stove is suddenly on in middle of the day. He has tried to scare everyone else expect for me. I have been touched on my head, breathed on and usual interaction you would do to any acquitance he has done to me, While he has come. For some reason pretty much the favorite place to breath on are my ear, face and about anywhere close to my head where it connects my neck.

For some reason I am the only one by now that has not been tried to scare, But I am not scared of him, So it could be a possibility of that but I think that just would make him want to get me scared even more. The house has had nothing done even before me moved that could invite anyone, It was empty for a little while, "century" before we came but that is it. The only thing I know that would cause it to be cold when entering or showing up are of stuff people consider evil entities, So I have no idea why we just get him trying to scare us and not me at all. Once while I saw him, I tried to reach out to touch him, He dissappared before I could, it was one of the first times of ever seeing him. I have a few suspicions of what it could still be but I know I keep saying the same stuff but I would not like to just by myself make a conclusions yet, That could easily not be true. We do not own anything that could make a portal or have we ever messed with anything that could make a portal. I am bit curious about this so we have tried talking to it lately, But the only thing it has said until now was along the beginning of everyone seeing him that I previously said that I could not understand but was in english. I would love to see who you think he is, his species, And how you think he possibly came here or know if anyone else has possibly seen him or someone similar and has any information.

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