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Need help
Hello i am a young 28 year old female who is searching for those who could be of assistance to me i started remembering my past life with my love iwas 8 no one could understand what t feels like to see the brutality of some vampires my love was attacked by a uncontrollable female vampire as i lay dying in our estate i did go where he was and witnessed this horrific attack it was horrible to see as a child however i not be giving alot of details to him or what happened in this post i will simply state that my love has neither died nor aged since this attack but i need help in the sense that i know that their are others like him and i know that some know him or the very least know those who know him i want to speak with you i need you to contact him and get him to me i will only be giving my address once i.have seen him and asked him a series of questions only my love would know also i know every little detail about what he looks like lol so u wont be able to fool me but for those like my love who have been around for centuries have not died or.aged and can provide the proof.i require to know hatu have indeed found my love message me

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