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Help with an EVP
Hey y'all - brand new here! My mom and I are super novice investigators and yesterday we took my daughters to The US Air Force Museum in Fairborn, OH for the day. Being as we have heard so many stories about it, we decided to record here and there and see if we could pick anything up in the supposedly active areas. We came up empty handed except for this one clip. I tried to clean it up in Audacity, but as I mentioned - super newb. Any one have any thoughts on what this might be saying? We were in the Vietnam exhibit right next to an "active" helicopter.

You'll hear my daughter at the beginning shouting - mind you shes being unusually chatty and yelling at what I assumed was her grandmother, but maybe something else? It seems like there is almost a response to her at 3 sec, and then around 6 sec. Anyone have any thoughts?? THANK YOU!!
I can't make out what it is saying really, but possibly "white" for the second word?
You little girl was saying "I did it". The mystery voice sounds female. Unless there was a man haunting the helicopter had an unusually high voice, I would say it was the grandmother whispering something but not in a good range of the recorder. Sounds can come through distorted in those things, creating eerie echoes.
It is still possible it could be female, as some women disguised themselves as men to be included in the war.
The first word sounds like "lies" and the second sounds like "flight". or "fight". But so many words rhyme with those.
Light, white, might, night, right, fright, height, pint. It could even be helicopter term or slang word I've never heard of.
It sounds like the word is repeated as I listened to it again. There is an 's' sound at the end.
Lies, wise, lice, rise, mice, guise, highs, ties,
I'm looking up some US Air Force slang in from Vietnam, right now. I'll get back to you. But it's still more likely the voice of a living being. I think I heard the same voice briefly at the start, just before your kid started talking. So, I don't know.
It's not responding to your daughter, I think. You might have picked up an audible recording of the past caused by a possible residual ghost.
I found "Chas" - means viet cong; the enemy.
"eagle flights" - large air assault of helicopters - This popped out as it has direct relevance to the helicopter you were near. You may have only picked up one word of a term or sentence that was able to make it through to the present. That's the problem with evps.
"Nape" - short for napalm. A chemical weapon.
"White mice" - derogatory name for the south Vietnamese police.
My source: 'A'
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
Hmm. Without remembering exactly who was speaking during the clip, it would be hard to say.

I can't decipher a word.
It does sound strange though.
"If you have ghosts, you have everything".

And for me, as a non englisch, it sound like "Meins!" (Mine!) :-) .

Can you exclude words from strangers in public places?
That's a problem.
My idea:
There are this coils with a suction cup and phone jack.
Used in the last century ;-) for record or amplify telephone calls.
Sucking this coil on the back of the earphone from a telephone receiver...

You could use a stereo recorder, a splitter cable, and a microphone at the left channel, and this coil als the "microphone" for right channel.
This "mic" does not record real soundwaves, but a ghost or soul on the "other side" (transcommunication voice) and his electomagnetic field should be recorded.
These big coils are "microphones", but without this membrane. An EVP phenomenon is not to be heard anyway with the ears, or?!
Why record real sound?! Only with one channel your and surrounding sounds, to capture the context (your voice, your questions...).
After this, you can hear the whole, but also only the "ghost channel". I do not promise that it will work, but it would be technically very plausible.
And useful on public places with many sounds and voices...
Sounds like "Nice" to me
The biggest problem is the massive amounts of audio contamination in the audio; you sometimes get interaction between sounds that you wouldn't notice just by being there, but would be picked up on recording devices because a recording device doesn't have the ability to pick and choose what sounds to process and 'remember'. I personally automatically discount any sample that has large amounts of noise/sounds in them (from normal sources), as being too complex to be analyzed effectively.
The best case scenario for EVP should be a quiet background, with as few sounds as possible, and very little background noise/feedback. Feedback (white noise) can be filtered out at that point, even using audacity, and whatever is left can be further analyzed to determine whether or not a valid EVP was captured.
Sadly, you're not likely to get that environment in a public museum, so any actual EVP would either have to be loud and obvious, or as in this case, unable to be confirmed (imo).
True, and theres no need to go to special places to record.
Just do it at'll be much more comfortable and relaxed, which will attract likeminded spirits to talk, instead of the nasty ones.

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