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Ghostly apparition in kids bedroom
I am writing on behalf of a family member who recently told me about an incident that occurred at home with their kids. It was a normal day and they were sat downstairs and the children (twin girls) were upstairs playing hide and seek. At one point they heard the girls both screaming so the parents ran upstairs to see what the commotion was about, each parent grabbed a kid each and at the exact same time in complete terror they described the incident that had just occurred. They said that a man had appeared in their room out of nowhere as they were playing hide and seek, said man had fingers in each eye and had his mouth wide open with his tounge out. Instantly the dad had told the kids that there was in fact a man in the house but he had chased him away so as not to scare the kids, but the parents both know there definitely wasn't a man, at least not a physical being, that could have possibly made it upstairs and back down by the time they got to the room. Both girls are very very shaken up about this and we just can't see how it could've been their imagination. Are there any similar stories or explanations for this?
So just the girls saw this? How old are the girls?
Why did the parents tell them it was a real person? That's probably why they're terrified.
Haha oh goodness! the idea of intruders is terrifying to children, in fact, my partner spent all of her childhood with a bat under her bed and an "action plan" for when someone would abduct her. So, they might want to back-peddle a little bit on that one.
I would also say that their age would be important, are the mischievous, especially together? wild imaginations?
any similar experiences would either be this (overactive imaginations) OR an energy in the house that went away as the parents approached the room. not much can be done either way right now, i think the parents should try to be more observant of their home, as well as the girls. watch for any behavioral activity, kids go through many weird phases, and it might be some form of attention seeking.
Do the kids watch/like scary movies? could definitely feed into their play activities
I wish people wouldn't just make one post and never come back.
Sadly I seen that type of think a lot before. People make a single comment and then never come back to answer questions and /or give more details to properly help or answer their issue better/more.
[Image: bygone1.gif]
In cases like this, when people, specially kids get to the point of absolute terror, we gotta focus on trying to minimize the trauma, give them a lot of love and confort, hot tubs with herbs, going outside to have fun, make them see how wonderful life is and make them feel secure...
And, about the thing, it sounds really horrible, if it was true, that`s not a ghost, but something else

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