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assigned my own fate at birth?
A hi I have been trying to find answers to experiences in my life and found this forum,I thought maybe give it a go.

I don't think many of you would believe me if I flat out said I believe an occult group wants me either dead or to never succeed anywhere in life since my birth.

So let me start from the beginning here because I am at the near end of my sanity here and need help or answers.

Ever since birth I was "special" or "different" in sorts.
At an early age I would see and talk to dead and leave my body while sleeping and visit family completely unaware of doing so,which sometimes ended up with me in situations involving demonic entities and being trapped in a never ending dream waking up over and over again not able to find my body.

I also was born with memories that always never felt like mine but i later found out in my teens through becoming more open minded that they were visions of my last life and that I was murdered in a war by a sniper hence my birth mark in this life.

Anyway I had a very traumatizing life it seemed like everywhere I went people always treated me like I didn't belong in this world,even members from my own family started being this way like they knew something about me I didn't.

Anyway it always made me hate life and for 25 years I didn't see a point in living it got me so depressed having so many bad things happen to me and I couldn't figure out why.Some how I broke free from the depression and actually started going somewhere in life again like I did when I was younger before things got out of hand.

Well after about a year of succeeding in life and becoming more close to god.
Something really bad happened that landed me in the hospital.I was almost in a sort of trance like state.Its hard to explain but I guess I started getting in tune with my gifts I had as a kid again and around this time it happened.
An Indian doctor in my area forced me into this weird hospital that didn't feel right.

This is when my life turned upside down and I found out my life has been being toyed with since birth.While trapped in that "mental" hospital I learned there were wiccans there and Buddhists and doctors where given experimental drugs to patients.

I knew this place was a ploy for something else but I couldn't figure it out,until weird stuff started happening while I was in there. I started seeing peoples faces in other people and they always mentioned things that I was thinking and mocking me.

Fast forward to a couple days in there,I met a dude that for some reason I felt like I knew and for some strange reason I decided to be friend.Weirdly enough the faces I saw started increasing and the next day another showed up and warned me not to be friend this guy but I didn't listen.

Later on while in that ward a doctor gives me a special kind of pill only once and never gave it to me again.That is when my life finally turned upside down.
As it turned out after that pill I started meditating and managed to open my pineal gland while in there and then for some reason I was able to manipulate the staffs minds and the universe around me.Some how I was able to mind control people and make them do things only by staring out of the side of my eyes and thinking things.This and the fact the main doctor in that ward started using magic to communicate with me made me confirm one hundred percent that this place was definitely not a real ward.

So the next few days I start using the magic to help the supposed suicidal people on the ward.for some reason I didn't feel the need to use it to do things most would like use it for greed and what not.Then the next night in that hospital the main doctor used some sort of magic that made him talk to me at my bed side from home in a white light of sorts.He then proceeded to drain me in some way but i was powerless to do anything.

Fast forward I get a call from an anonymous lawyer a few days later telling me i was held against my will and shouldn't be in here. Weird though while she says this I feel the same draining the doctor did to me the night before.

A few more days go by and i actually start considering her and this is when they let me leave.Mind you I still have these new gifts I got from this place,unaware of it.I finally get home and things go smooth for about a few days.

Then for some reason I start meditating again.At this point i am able to see my own aura but something strange happens.I randomly blurt out "I love sin",i didn't think anything of it at first and went to sleep....but I should of never did this because it changed my life forever.As it turned out when i went to sleep the light showed up again and forced me not to move again then I get in a trance state where my body vibrates and moves almost like an m.r.i machine is scanning my body. the next thing i know I wake up in and out of conspicuousness thinking i am in a dream walking every few minutes going in and out.

As it turns out I was walking all over my whole town trying to get myself killed by playing in traffic,while going in and out of concussions fighting with two things talking to each other trying to take my body. I ended up in jail waking up still in a trance being transfered back into a ward.

Then much later go maybe months a lot of weird stuff started happening i started changing craving human flesh burning in sunlight being trapped in my head while someone else controls my body trying to hurt my family and get me put away in prison for ever.

It got so bad but some how i got lucky because i told a friend online recently about it and before I lost my life to what ever it was,it turns out she is a god worker that has gifts in stopping demonic things.She can leave her body and astral travel awake or sleep and heal with energy anyone she comes in contact with body or astral body. She healed me enough to get sane enough to fight what ever was controlling my body and after weeks I started seeing faces in everything and the tricks more clearly....

It turns out the friend I made in that hospital was using me as a puppet and I saw a vision of my own bloody death as well as she did too if I continued being his friend.As it turns out he is a black magic using wiccan and was trying to kill me or make my life get taken from me.I dropped everything about him and stopped all communication.Still though i could not break freely fully from his magic.

another month goes by and I am near death at least 6 times and i don't know why but divine intervention happened. it turns out i met god or maybe some light magic user using a light? this divine source told me I was going to die soon if I don't hurry to a certain church. I did what it asked and as soon as i did the magic and pains in me started to get worse and worse.

I managed to get to the church and went in.For some weird reason and for the first time ever I hurt even worse being in the church and almost left because of it. For some messed up reason the people praying was hurting my head bad.
It got so bad I yelled out in pain and disrupted the communion. As it turned out a priest there helped me out i told him the full story and he walked me out and gave me a special cross and told me to hold it and show it to the faces when ever I see them to rid me of them.He also told me it would cleanse my sinful soul.
I didn't understand what he meant until I started hurting in pain from holding the cross.He told me to hold it and not to let go until the pain went away.

that day I was in serous deathly pain for over an hour I was dry heaving and my brain was crackling.after about an hour the pain subsided and i felt my entire brain pop like a pack of pop corn and rewire itself and then the pain went away for ever and the dark magic just stopped happening.......

To this day I still don't understand what happened but memories surfaced from my childhood nightmares that made me realize that guy I friended in my trip to that hospital was torturing me ever since i was young and thats how i knew him from some where.

One last thing to note is the only reason I managed to get myself out of that situation was because of that women friend i met onlines help and warm loving magic which gave me her powers so long as my heart is warm with love.
we kind of fell in love with each other in the time she spent trying to save me.
Heck I even lost my virginity to her in astral form.Though things got out of hand before she could fully help me she gave up on trying and we lost contact right before god told me about the church....

My question to anyone who read this is this.
Do any of you know what was being used on me magic wise and do any of you have maybe any idea as to why this person would want to torture and try to make me suffer since birth and also has anyone else experienced something similar? It has left me so scarred mentally that i don't know what is real or not and the experiences memories haunt me to the point I get no sleep most nights.

sorry this was so long but i basically had to give my lifes story with all the weird stuff that he did to me from start to finish. I didn't even add it all because this story is too big as is.
I also want to point out he was somehow able to change his form and stalk me for the time he knew me,though I didn't know it was him till I started getting healed by white magic.He also somehow was able to call me through other people and threaten and or mock me.One instance I can give is he talked through some guy that was asking me who I was voting for.other instances involved him typing things out under friends profiles i had online,though my friends never saw them.

I don't know what kind of witch craft he was using but all i know is he deserves a fiery pit of hell for what he has put me through in my life.
He "claimed" when I knew him hes over 14,000 years old and Vlad the impaler's brother though I doubt its true though I can't help but wonder if it is.
He uses the alias known as "Drake" and has a sort of gang and business hold of an area in Illinois and spends most of his spare time trying to help random people of his kind I E wiccans get to the top of the ladders in jobs.He has goons that control Illinois pretty much lets leave it at that and he has helped political leaders in certain areas get into power so he claims.
and the dagnosis? psychosis? schizophrenia? depression?
All the above will explain your experiences including trauma growing up.
Tell all this to you're doctor and perhaps try another medication.
(01-24-2017, 11:09 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: and the dagnosis? psychosis? schizophrenia? depression?
All the above will explain your experiences including trauma growing up.
Tell all this to you're doctor and perhaps try another medication.

Funny first person to respond to my post is a complete idiot to magic and its existence.
Perhaps another forum for you?
(01-24-2017, 12:18 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: Perhaps another forum for you?

dadgum off will you? I am sorry you signed up for a forum about the paranormal and don't believe in the paranormal but your not helping by spewing that garbage here.

(01-24-2017, 12:22 PM)magicman525 Wrote:
(01-24-2017, 12:18 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: Perhaps another forum for you?

dadgum off will you? I am sorry you signed up for a forum about the paranormal and don't believe in the paranormal but your not helping by spewing that garbage here.
Its simple prove magic exists other then in you're mind. why do all these rewards for proving it go unclaimed?
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

Its simple prove magic exists other then in you're mind. why do all these rewards for proving it go unclaimed?


I don't have to prove jack to you,this forum isn't for your kind.
I have seen enough proof of magic between friends.
I watched my old friend brag and show off his gifts to me.
I am even still in touch with other wiccans/witches who have shown me things,which means more then one person has seen what I have seen.

I will not be responding to anymore of your posts unless you have something useful to say good day.

Hi Magicman525,
I think you knew in your heart of hearts you were different because of your gifts. Some people (not good) are drawn to your light and can drawn or sap the life out of you. I have encountered people like these and you will "know" when to leave. Right away you will feel very tired like you absolutely have no energy, not even to stand up and stay awake. It won't matter that you took a nap before and feel very rested.
I think there's something negative drawn to you because of your light and it will do anything to try and break your spirit and pull you over to the dark side. I, too, spent many nights not being able to sleep because I was subjected to "attacks" nightly. I thought I was going crazy. What got me thru all of this period was my pastor. I had to turn to God for help because I was fighting something demonic. It wanted my soul. It didn't get me but it came back many years after and said that it wanted my child. My daughters are fine and so am I. I still get attacked every now and then but I've learned to deal with it. I know I am special because of my gifts. Some people would be scared of their gifts and what they can see, feel, and hear what others cannot but to me that's normal. I've learned not to be afraid. Embrace your gift from God.
The sad thing is, people who encourage this are actually harming the people who are suffering from mental disorders by encouraging it and the ones who are actually trying to help are put down and told they aren't welcome. As someone who has personally dealt with schizophrenics in close relationships it's obvious that this isn't paranormal.

"Common paranoid schizophrenia symptoms may include:

Auditory disturbances – hearing things that are not real
Unexplained anger
Emotional disconnectedness
Severe anxiety and agitation
Argumentative behavior
Violent tendencies
Delusions of grandeur – self-importance and believing he or she possesses special powers
Frequent suicidal thoughts and behavior"

"Paranoid Delusions – When suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, you feel that others are conspiring against you. As these paranoid thoughts intensify, you may behave aggressively or commit violence in self-defense against those you believe plan to cause harm to you or a loved one. You may also think you possess special powers, such as the ability to breathe under water or fly like a bird. You may believe you’re famous or that a famous person wants to date you. Even though others present contrary evidence, you hold onto these beliefs anyway.

Auditory hallucinations that are unpleasant and cruel – Imagine sitting in your living room. You hear voices in the room, but no one else can hear them. You might hear one person’s voice or two or more people conversing. They may talk to you or about you amongst each other. They criticize you; cruelly poke fun at your real or perceived flaws. Suddenly, one of the voices orders you to hurt someone else or yourself. Although not real, to you they absolutely are."

I quoted that because I figured you wouldn't bother going to the link I'm posting anyways.

Anyways, best of luck.
Amazing story.. I don´t know who were those people, but many things you say sounds like manipulation, reminds me those sects which use mind control techniques and drugs to get more zombie-followers working for them. If you got out of that one, it was because of your power of will and your luck, not because no one helped you.
Maybe you have some gifts and see auras and have awaken powers, but there´s no use for all that if you aren´t able to be here and now with your feet in the ground, just doing common things, being efficient in this world and forget a little about all that magical stuff for a while...
You became too airy, spent too much time flying and expanding to the Infinite, urgently need to solidify, gather all those flying pieces together into a small strong shielded aura, do sports, martial arts, work the ground, plant a garden or something, hang out with people. Once you get strong and solid, no magic will be able to get in.

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