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beginner to EVP, need help with Audacity.
i did my first session this morning, however my DVR does not use a usb 2.0 jack so i had to connect the earphone jack to the line in jack on my pc and record in audacity while playing the 2+min recording i had. exported it as a wav file for later listening and editing, however i have no idea how to tell if i for sure got an EVP or not as i have no idea how to clean up the noise and make the possible EVP louder.

is there anyone with experienced audacity use that can help me? i am pretty new to this. i have a $60 usb headset for listening so that should help somewhat.
I use Adobe Audition for my evp and previous to that I used to use Cool Edit Pro which basically is the same.
I use an older Sony dvr which I have to play around with to get it on my pc as it uses an old programme . I still use it because I have always got great evp from it. I also use a ZOOM H5 recorder.

Now, even though I have never used Audacity, it should be similiar to Audition which is not a free one.
What you need to do first is make sure your evp are in WAV format and after you have cleaned, keep them in wav.
Always keep the original in a file somewhere marked with the date, place etc
I listen with earplugs on the recorder and cull what I dont want. Im pretty good at picking them out now as have been doing it for 12 or more years.
You dont want to have to clean them very much or they become distorted and sound robotic
I use a click/pop eliminator, light hiss reduction, and sometimes even noise reduction . I also amplify at times.
I also look at the wave and can see by the subtle changes where the evp is.
You can save sections you want by highlighting and then you have options on what you want to do. SAVE SECTION  for example.
The only way you are going to learn how to use it is to youtube it and play around really.

I can give you some advice on evp generally.

Spirits closer to the earth realm will be stronger and spirits who have or are evolving are usually harder to hear.

You need a controlled situation where there is not too much noise and noone is whispering or if they do they need to say so for the recording, otherwise you will go nuts

Expect that sometimes they will be so soft you will barely hear them but other times they will be very loud, you may even hear the voice audibly but not know what was said till you get home

The more you visit a place and announce your names when you get there, the more the spirits get to know you and they will even use your name in evp. You need to gain their trust and be empathic to their plight. Dont be judgemental.

Research before you go so you have some background information to work on ie The history of the place.

Treat them like the spirits of people who once lived and not some alien. Be respectful when speaking to them. They hear everythign you say and they even know what you are thinking even if you dont say it out loud.

Expect that you are dealing with all sorts of people spirits. Some are nice and friendly and others will tell you to get out and p off lol and also they will tell others not to talk to you.

Keep all you evp and use them to understand what they are trying to say and then you can work out what to ask next time

Allow time after you have asked a question, for them to speak

Often you will get better evp if you have a few people with you who are more spiritual or sensitive.

Drink lots of water before doing the sessions and dont drink alcohol
Audition is great. I use it frequently.
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