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Please Help
Trust me, I'll take this seriously, but I have to say: Wasn't this the plot for Insidious or something?

Serious part: When things latch like this, it happens for a reason. A lot of times, it's because of tumultuous energy in the house. This can be caused by individuals who have the capacity to overreact or become over-dramatic. Sometimes, it's a matter emotional instabilities in a person/family. Has anyone passed away, and the family is dealing with the loss? Is there any mental health disease history? It's quick to become worse, when these things are present. That's because just a small nudge can push things to a point where beings can feed on the intense emotions.

Of course, maybe it's just a curse by somebody on you guys. I think it's a matter of something feeding off the instability of the household. I mean, tormenting dreams. Invading personal spaces. All of this sounds like things being done to draw out emotions, because you don't like the feeling of when their done.

If you settle the household down a bit (maybe get in some more exercise to put this energy to work, rather than sit and stagnate), you should see positive results quickly.

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