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Hello I've been very curious as of if I'm being haunted or something paranormal is going on.
I'll tell you a little background information on me, I'm the last 6 of my siblings as my mom all had us 6 years apart and that leads to 666, I'm the only one that came out with curly hair. I am the only problem child of all, as I am very depressed. I've been feeling depressed for a few years now, but a couple of weeks ago I've been feeling really sick, I've been losing a lot of weight as I use to be at 110 pounds a month or two ago, and I am now currently 94 pounds, I'll tell you the physical symptoms and then get into my mental symptoms.
-Losing weight
-Veins have been getting bright blue all over my arm area
-Lumps in my veins on my hand/top side/
-Negative and depressing thoughts of suicide 24/7
-Tired all the time(As I haven't been in school for awhile; so all I do is sleep every single day and stay up for maybe 5 hours)
-Hearts been beating super fast recently
-when I lay down I feel like my stomach is going to collapse as I can feel my rib cage and its very discomforting
-Getting more hungry; every hour;
-shits been soft/floats to the bottom/ I stuff out my food almost immediately after/
I know this isn't a doctor forum but I am just explaining the symptoms that I have been feeling
I recently went to the doctors to get this all checked out, they did bloodwork and my results came back healthy nothing discomforting in my blood; they just said I had anxiety. I don't know how I've been feeling all these symptoms without anything wrong with me.
Now I am getting into the more theories that lead me into "Paranormal" as I've been doing some research.
I've been feeling more on the depressed side lately, constant negative thoughts about myself, constant thoughts about suicide
I've been through drama all my life basically, but I just moved into a new place about last year and recently I haven't been getting along with my mom and I had to move to my cousins house, I have a room in her basement and I always feel negative vibes like something is with me; something evil. There is a room next to mine in the basement (Take in its a very old house) and I don't feel comfortable in this room by any means, it has a small door that I always keep shut but whenever I go in that door is always somewhat open as if someone opens it and closes it, now since I've switched places and got sorted into this place I've been spending a lot of my time in the dark during daylight hours, I maybe go out once every 3 weeks. I do smoke weed (I quit recently due to these incidents) The other weekend I was at my house( my moms house) and I bring my friend over and I took one hit of a bong, and immediately I started having a panic attack. I was telling my friend to call 911 because I felt like I was dying, I felt like my body was going to collapse any minute I felt short of breath (My heart was beating super fast) and I tried taking care of this on my own by waiting it out a bit and trying to calm down but nothing seemed to be working so I finally started to get super cold, almost death cold and I went to the bathroom and saw that I was getting a red rash all over my stomach area/ and I immediately noticed I was losing weight fast, as if I was shrinking and I kept telling them "Look at me I'm dying" and I was screaming and crying in the bathtub because I felt cold so I ran myself a hot bath and I tried washing my face and I was tripping out and felt like blood was coming out of my eyeballs, and my friend had to get my mom and my mom calmed me down and started washing my hair and telling me everything was fine(Panic attack number 1)

Now I thought that was just a one time thing so I tried smoking again and I got another slightly less panic attack as I was by myself in my room and I felt the same symptoms I felt like my lungs couldn't take it and they were shutting down or if my body was disintegrating slowly and I couldn't think about anything but if I was going to die so I put a bunch of clothes on because my heart beats super super fast when these happen and I get super cold, as if I'm about to die. My cousin came downstairs to my room and asked if I was okay because she said I didn't look okay, I tried showering again to get rid of the feeling but when I was standing in the shower I started getting blurry vision and almost felt like I was going to pass out so I got out and went in my bed to rest my eyes(Panic attack number 2)

Now this panic attack was worst of all, I decided to smoke again for the THIRD TIME;as I thought it would go away because I was with 3 of my friends in my house (a comfortable setting I thought at the time; so I thought nothing would happen to me) as I was 10 minutes into getting high I started thinking in my head and I hope this doesn't sound crazy but I couldn't stop thinking I was probably processing so many thoughts within a minute I couldn't keep up with myself so I kept talking in real everything that I was thinking of I had to say or else I thought my brain was going to explain and this physically hurt me and made me feel like I was going insane; after 10 minutes of thinking so much I started panicking a bit and my sober friend at the time felt my heart and said it was going super insanely fast, and I knew it was going fast at the time too and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I started getting a super bad anxiety attack, and my friends were just chilling on the couch playing wii and I was trying to get some air and calm down but I couldn't calm down my heart was going the fastest its ever been and I had to put on 3 winter jackets because I was freezing cold I felt as if I was in the arctic and I felt very weak like I was going to faint or pass out. (Panicattack number 3)

Now all these experiences I've also encounter feeling like a little polish lady when I am high, as if I'm being haunted by a polish lady( Not exactly sure) but as I'm like this I feel as if being high brings me into a more spiritually connected world and I can process things more in depth.
-I started experiencing flickering lights when I walked under them.
-One time in my kitchen with my friend I was telling her how I felt haunted and all of a sudden the kitchen lights flickered twice as if I shouldn't of spoke about it.
-Hallway lights flickered when I walked under them
-Kitchen lights flickered again when I walked under them
-I was walking in the subway tunnel at 1am high asf and I started thinking about that polish lady theory I have and I suddenly saw a white old lady with one of those scarf wraps walk by me and she was the only one around me at the time, and when she walked passed me she looked at me as if she saw a ghost and all of a sudden I was still walking in the tunnel and the lights started flickering above each time I walked under them like in those horror movies with the hospitals

Those are some of the experiences that have been happening
And I have this theory that I'm being haunted because maybe my mom got cursed and she is not telling me, because a few years ago I went to get my tero cards read and the lady handed me 3 cards, A girl with 3 swords in her crying on her bed, and the other two I don't really remember but I also got a joker and a angel. She said the girl crying in the bed was depressed and sad, and it reflected on me. And she told me about this angel called raffaello that is in my presence, apparently he watches over me. She also said if I ever wanted to feel his presence I could ask him to touch my hand and I could feel his presence.
Now why I am telling you about this angel called raffaello is because my mother put a painting of him in my room and never told me why she always puts it in my room, its a painting of two angel children and one named Raffaello. (I asked her why she always puts it in my room and she never told me why she ignored my question and said if I don't want it I don't have to have it in my room)
I've also been feeling bad energy from this house and I recently came back to stay with her for awhile because I've been feeling sick and I feel as if I'm getting pulled towards here.
Now the other night I had a dream I was in a cornfield with my cat peeka (Before I went to bed she was in my room looking for something that I couldn't see as if she saw a ghost) now in this dream all I can remember is being in a country that was very abandoned and I ran into this cornfield with my cat peeka and we saw a trailer so we went to go knock on it and no one was there because we needed a place to stay since we were lost and I put her inside and took out my MacBook (I'm always on the computer) and opened Photo Booth to take a picture and I looked in the camera and saw a dark figure behind me I quickly glanced behind me and it disappeared and I woke up, it really scared me leading to do research and I'm not exactly sure If this means a shado[I]w person [I]watches over me as I sleep trying to [I]warn me about something or [I]what please help me.[/I][/I][/I][/I]

Note all these experiences happened in this house.

First and foremost go back to your doctor and tell them about the suicidal thoughts. If you aren't on medication you may need to be, and if you are you may need it changed. A paranormal forum isn't the type place you need as it will only give you more ideas for your mind to create.

Next if you feel suicidal tell your parents and if they do not seek help for you call some of these numbers.
You need to see a medical doctor for a complete medical and mental evaluation. You may need meds of If you're on meds they may need to be adjusted.

I have to agree with Ugly n Rude on this one. Definitely get some help for your problems as it is dangerous to try and handle it all on your own. As for the possibility of paranormal problems ill say this, you should try you hardest to rule out any possibility that it could be paranormal. If you absolutely can't rule everything out that's when you should be at the point to seek help for it. Have you considered that the lights could be pure coincidence? Or that you are having some sort of negative reaction to the weed medically? As for the dreams, it sounds like you are very distressed by them, do you know any connection to this shadowy person, or the field you were in with your cat? Did something traumatic happen in that place? I think you should take a little time, ask yourself these sorts of questions, then move forward with what you believe is really going on. Best of luck to you, I believe you can make past this time if you put in enough effort.Icontexto-emoticons-01-032x032
As with so many this poster hasn't been back since posting this.
(02-25-2017, 07:18 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: As with so many this poster hasn't been back since posting this.

lol, you would think they were asking for a reason right, you know like to get some sort of answer??
You can never tell, she might come back someday. Or maybe she just needed to share some thoughts.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

Maybe she's already locked up in a sanitarium for life long and she's blood became already a soup of drugs, or maybe she managed to kill herself after all, or met a new boyfriend and forgot about all this stuff, who knows?
(02-25-2017, 11:26 PM)nawal Wrote: Maybe she's already locked up in a sanitarium for life long and she's blood became already a soup of drugs, or maybe she managed to kill herself after all, or met a new boyfriend and forgot about all this stuff, who knows?

Let's hope it's something good, I don't want bad things for this girl, she seems to be having things pretty rough
I have been on "other" boards, and lot of times someone comes once and tells a story and never comes back.
[Image: bygone1.gif]

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