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ghostly image in TV
my friend recently took a picture of his one of his newly decorated bedrooms.

he later noticed (if you zoom in) a ghostly silhouette on the screen. one of the best (scariest) I've ever seen.

he was alone at the time.

would like a secondary/expert opinion on it please?

[Image: 15127499_10154278598988740_1742707321_o.jpg]
Would it be possible to get another photo of the bottom right quarter of the TV?

Maybe a flash photo at an angle, or a slightly over-exposed shot?
post an original from the camera with intact exif
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
it is from my friends iPhone?
There is know such thing as experts when it comes to this just people who think they are!!! This is an AWESOME pic there is more than just the faceless man in your pic. I would believe your friend has strange things happen in his home a lot.
I'm taking my ball and going home.
It's either:

A reflection, simple as that,

A burnt on image on the screen, left by leaving a static image for an extended period of time. I was told this can't happen on modern TVs but I don't know for sure,

The TV is simply on and the brightness and contrast are turned down as far as possible,

Or the image has been tampered with purposefully to try and troll people on a forum. From the way Ugly asked for the original pic, it5 does seem like this is one that has been tampered with.

With a picture like this, as sad as it is, the less paranormal explanations are often the more likely ones.
"Oh! Come on! Do you think I'm a gulla-bull? Or even a gulla-calf?"
I think that the failure of the plasma TV. Paused picture footprint cells.

Jaz mislim,da je okvara plazma televizor. Zaustavljena slika , odtis celic.
Meow! That looks creepy, real or fake Yikes
It kinda looks like Michael Myers from "Halloween", or a still from a video game.

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