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a close encounter with the truth
(07-13-2018, 10:12 AM)rudidur Wrote: Astral travel is usually one-way.
But I travel back and forth and go back to my body.

You can not claim it is only one way and then in the very next line say you go back and forth. This is the contradictions I was talking about.
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Usually, people die or disappear astrally one-way.
But I am not a normal being because I am in the body of an Earthman and can travel two way.
It's a contradiction for you, but it's not for me.

Your question is followed by an answer
I suggest you look up delusions of grandeur.
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Would you explain this little post more specifically?
This would reveal that you are truly a professional.
Not doing simple Google work for you.
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Blast it, Vultyrex, I had just finished proof-reading this and now I have to go back and change the beginning bit because you responded 15 seconds faster than me… 
8 D

I won’t claim to know what V was thinking in #123, but this is what I see in your posts.  You seem to consider yourself somehow better than the rest of us.  You claim to be something more than ‘a normal human being’ and you speak as if you’re some kind of messiah dispensing Truth.

Generally speaking, it’s considered polite to speak as if you are expressing personal opinions rather than stating Truth that you, and only you, know.  I think you might find people a bit more receptive if you expressed your ideas as a query or theory, rather than established fact.

Perhaps it’s just something, as you put it, ‘lost in translation.’  I can’t judge.  I mean, I don’t speak a word of Slovene.  If I were to try to post something on a Slovenian website, it would probably end up being ‘Jaz sem gnusen’ and typed in Cyrillic, besides. 

Oh, side thought.  I just noticed your forum avatar.  Is that a drawing of an alien having sex with a human?  Because I’m not entirely sure that’s appropriate for a public forum like this…

[img][Image: SignatureToday2_zpsb40bf612.jpg][/img]
As far as the avatar it looks questionable until you blow it up, then its ok. The rest of his flip flop ideas and outlandish claims aren't worth responding to.

Create a paranormal forum and guide it, then you are amazed by things you can not understand and I have the feeling that you are incorrect.
Remember that there are bigger things than your perceptions of perception, and this is what people around the world describe to you.

If I tell you that I am not out of this dimension; be at least so kind, if you do not know the answer, you should be silent, because I'm not just writing to you. !

Remember, I'm not a Natural Being as you know it:

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Once you start insulting staff, you're losing your thread. Don't recreate this thread.
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