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a close encounter with the truth

The words like:

"-All is relative (Einstein) - the infinite (Greek philosopher) - everything is possible" are the words of scientists who are blocked by the brain and do not think more about normal logic.
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I know my chances of being gone from this thread are slim to none, as it's like watching a train-wreck in progress. (You just want to see how bad it gets) But I will constantly say "I'm out" to show when I have to just walk away from a bad conversation. You might be "more than a mere mortal" -- like Yogi bear is more than just your average bear -- but I have a power too.

I can turn mundane objects into incredible super objects! FLY AWAY!!!!

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(06-25-2018, 06:42 AM)rudidur Wrote: #108
For ordinary mortals, it is logical that antimatter is only a theory, because in the physical image they have no senses to detect antimatter.
An antimatter can also be called Paramateria so you can separate between them.

There is no separation. Only nothing. One cannot exist if the other exists.
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There are no alien galactic beings in the vicinity of the Earth.
The realization that they are real beings who live their own evolutionary path and come from our human energy after the death of the body. This is the form or second phase of our mortality.

Similar forms of bodies on various video films are perceived as a physical body, but not true. The paranormal form of the creature is similar to these specimens on the video, but the true form is derived from the paranormalmateria and can not be arrested or interrogated.
Just ignore the current conversation why don't you.
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(a.) -3-dimension-physical life
(b.) -4-dimension-time
(c.) -5-dimension -paramateria
a., c.
The existence of two dimensions intertwining with each other is the dimension of the primitive living beings and the dimensions of the beings of the paramateria;
As long as he has a man for his idol god, he will be afraid to die and will not accept something that has nothing to do with the idol. The paranormal dimension is only the door or the entrance to immortality, which for some time is not acceptable and accessible for some people.
There are no other dimensions - you enumerate them 12-those are not dimensions, these are different directions of the evolutionary random development of the species.

The feeling in 3.d is not the same as feeling in 5.d.
4.d. it is a time which the being of the earth interprets in its own way. The birth of each being, which is considered further age after the years passed, is wrong.

A man born in 1960 lives 80 years; - part of his antimatter remains immediately after the birth of his body in the year of birth (1960), and part of the base passes from the 5th dimension to the 3rd dimensional matter.

After the death of the physical body, the human paranormal - matter finds itself in time in 1960, exactly in the area where the process of transformation began. The physical body remains in the moving time in which it decays.

That's why the illusion that you see your loved ones after death is not true because they have not even been born yet.

(b.) Time moves simultaneously in both directions, into the future and the past, which for the physical body is death for paranormal-matter birth.
I need to clarify some of the issues of origin:

You have to understand that I believe all these statements, because this circulation of life and repetition in the universe and on the planets has existed for a long time that you can not even imagine.

Every development of evolution in space and planets takes very short, depending on the durability of the space itself.
The beginning of the transformation of living beings into space can never be calculated because we do not know so many numbers. The volume of the Earth at the beginning was 4 times smaller than today's size. When it assumed its approximate position as it is today and stops from collisions in the immediate vicinity of the sun, the immediate development of primitive life began.

Human thinking must go from its own frameworks.
As the universe is in a circular logic, the planets are round and life on them rotates in a circle; Life - death - birth - death - life.
Time always runs for its tail and creates a circle.

Pyramids; What is the significance of pyramids?
The pyramids traveled with a piece of decayed mega planet, so they are part of this. The rest are here what we call Earth now.

Earth's crust is increasing in volume over the millennia and is growing. All the traces of a lifetime cover the newly formed layer of earth, so that all history is somehow covered and lost for all eternity.

Today's researchers map other planets and identify various forms in the images, which they then define, whether they are natural origin or have been made by some creatures. These studies are always doubtful unless they were once digging into the planet and exploring into the depths of the planet.
All planets hide various historical facts under their bark and why it would be different on earth.

Former mega-planet creatures wanted to keep part of their civilization after a disaster. In the re-period of two suns, about seven thousand years pass, and during this time, the planet earth will increase to this volume, so that in the course of a new period, somehow everything will be covered with earth except the top of the pyramid.
Their knowledge and technology were left in some kind of made pyramids. According to calculations for the height of the building, they knew that after all these years, they still saw something, and their position would be predicted as well.
The pyramid will be remarkably noticeable, access to its interior will be simple, because the entrance is from the top.

These pyramid markers are likely to serve their purpose, which is that in the renewal period of two suns, all basic technology and knowledge will be at hand, and without digging; or at least some museum of arrivals from space.
You believe in contradictions then.
[Image: space.gif]
Astral travel is usually one-way.
But I travel back and forth and go back to my body. I only visit time travel from the curiosity itself, but not to a mission or mission.

It's often been with me to connect my phone, which surprises me that the date on my phone is always a couple of months ago.

I'm trying to record my body with a video camera, or my whole format.

At present, my paranormal form does not allow this, or this contact, the connection of this paranormal form and my physical body, that both for a short period are each for themselves.
The combination of both bodies into one whole is as quick as a flash or click on the camera.
1.Astral projection is an unproven analysis that is more hypothetical.
2. When someone almost dies, he sees a glittering tunnel (a glittering tunnel is a sort of astral perception when the soul of a person is a partial exit from the physical body.
3. You detect the death as a shiny archival niche. It is not like a glittering tunnel, but as a glittering aperture of 60 centimeters in diameter.
You do not go to this brightness, but she picks you up.
(07-13-2018, 10:12 AM)rudidur Wrote: I only visit time travel from the curiosity itself, but not to a mission or mission.

But... how about a mission?  Or, mayhaps, a mission.  Do you ever time travel for either of those separate and distinct reasons?  Or even maybe for something else entirely... like a mission.

Darnit, now I've written the word so many times I can't tell if it's actually spelled correctly...


Incidentally, the winking smile is so you know I'm just trying to be funny... in my own sad, word-nerd sort of way.  Pointing out typos is sort of my thing...

Blue Cat
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