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An old photo of mine.
[Image: u0aVyaT.jpg]

I took this photo a number of years ago, maybe 3, and only just recently re-found in on my computer.

What ever is in the photo, circled in red, looks like something with a tail sitting. The photo was taken from my window and the area is shows in my neighbors roof, the building in the foreground is my garage. After I took the photo, the thing was gone.

Like I said, it does look like it might have a tail and it kind of looks like it's hairy. To me, it almost looks Monkey-like, but seeing as how I live in Washington I seriously doubt it. So, any thoughts as to what it might be?
The 'tail' looks funny to me - like it's outlined. Except for that, it could just be someone with long hair crouched on the roof - odd behaviour, but... I don't think the picture is clear enough to make any assumptions about it.
A falling leaf? Remember photography is two dimensional so it will appear bigger then it is. Plus when looking at the trees you see a great deal of leaves have already fallen.
[Image: leaf_1.jpg]
To me it looks like the profile of a satellite dish with a squiggle added. The squiggle edges are way smoother than anything else in the picture. Makes me think a picture was taken of an edited picture.
Artwork. I zoomed in with Gimp it is obviously made with some type of panting utility.
Going with my first gut feeling, it looks like a leaf. It's too fuzzy and lacks detail to define something like a creature.
first impression would be some kind of monkey but that tail looks extremely photoshopped, so either its entirely faked, its a weird leaf falling at just the right moment to make it look like it's huge and far away, or its a satellite dish at an odd angle. but i'd say it's all just photoshop especially considering the extra green coloration.

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