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Immortal vampires, are they real?
I have been fascinated with vampires, and the likes of such powerful immortal beings. I have read thousands of posts, mainly with people who are either full of it, unwilling to believe, and trying to take advantage. I don't know why I would come to this website in particular for information, but I figure, had anyone met a real vampire or have knowledge of it they would come here if they wanted to talk about it. For those of you who would reply only to answer with things such as "None of it is real, get a grip." I advise you to do it on another post not mine.

I have seen much talk of a psychic vampire, which does not particularly interest me. However, the traditionally known vampire, a creature with immortal life and strength/ abilities far surpassing human capability is what I have always wanted. My life so far has been less than great. I endured physical and verbal abuse from my sister, as well as constant yelling at threatening that would happen in my household because of her. On top of that, my health is poor. It leaves me unable to get out of bed on most days, and depression/anxiety has haunted me for many years and for awhile I had even gone mute. It is because of these reasons that the thought of freedom, being able to live life eternally because I feel I deserve it has become alluring to me. I know that I will be getting mainly hate replies, and/or fake replies. There is no way to tell if someone is telling the truth. I am at the end of my rope though, if anybody really does have information on whereabouts of these beings or insight, I would be happy to hear.
It's not what you want to hear but the traditional vampire is a myth. There have been of research put in to the possibility of it and it's just not probable. Even if you wanted to entertain the idea of them if there was just one vampire back when the myths and rumors started by now there would be no humans. Let's say they feed once a month, one contracted it spread it to one, they each spread it to one, that is now four, they each spread it to one that is eight, in a single year that would have been 2048. I'm sorry your life has not been good but devoting time and energy in to finding a mythic monster is not going to help you emotionally at all. Best of luck.
(09-13-2016, 02:58 PM)UnknownCrystal Wrote: For those of you who would reply only to answer with things such as "None of it is real, get a grip." I advise you to do it on another post not mine.

You already were expecting an answer like this could appear. Why? Because you know it's the truth... Do you really expect someome to pop up and tell you ''yes you can become a vampire and live forever'' or something like that? I also wish many stuff to be real, but reality is an ice-cold [badly behaving beauty]. And sadly, as much as I have to tell this from my own experience, there's nothing great, extraordinary or special about this world.
I believe you're talking about Vampires of the hemophagous kind. Alas, I'm not aware that they exist or that you'll find one of this sort on this forum.

Most vampire lore is based on the congenital disorder porphyria which results in an abnormal production of heme. Heme is used by the body to make hemoglobin and chlorophyll. Porphyria victims often become sensitive to sunlight and have personality changes or develop mental disorder. They also have skin sensitivity that is made worse by eating garlic, of all things.

If you're interested in reading up on vampires of various cultures, try the following terms:
obours or krvoijacs
chiang shi

.... or you can try your hand looking for the following instances in the newspaper archives of the US Library of Congress:
* 1854 The Norwich Courier -Reported a Connecticut family exhumed and burned the bodies of brothers who had died of consumption in an effort to prevent other family members from vampirism.

* 1867 (Brooklyn)- In Boston, a man named James Brown was found sucking blood from the neck of two fishermen who had gone missing.

* 1874 The Providence Journal - The body of a girl in Rhode Island was exhumed and her heart burned when it was thought she was sucking the life from other family members.

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