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Does humanity posess psychic abilities?
Its actually fun to explore psychic claims. Like a cell phone ghost app and the psychics picking up pain and how the app ghost died and even picking up names.
I think this shows how psychics work when brought in to claimed haunted places.
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We need a few more shows that out these hacks in America.
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(02-28-2018, 06:32 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: Its actually fun to explore psychic claims. Like a cell phone ghost app and the psychics picking up pain and how the app ghost died and even picking up names.
I think this shows how psychics work when brought in to claimed haunted places.
     Too true these days. People sometimes believe they are psychic after a moment of deva vu. And too many people hand over a lot of money to fakes.
     However, legit spirit workers have it different. And its a hard I've heard.
I would love to see a real psychic claim any of the rewards for proving it exists. Wonder why it never happens? The government even showed it didn't work.  But that doesn't stop people who want to believe they have abilities use the fact the government tested for years.

Though the government concluded that psychic power doesn't exist (or, if it does, the information it provides is no more accurate than random chance guesses), ESP research has continued. Unfortunately, ESP has not fared well under scientific conditions, whether in the private or public sector.

The problem is not that skeptics and scientists refuse to take ESP seriously; indeed, researchers have spent decades trying to find good evidence. One famous research organization, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research group, led by Prof. Robert Jahn, spent nearly three decades searching for psychic ability, usually getting mixed and inconclusive results. It finally closed its doors in 2007, never having found hard scientific evidence for ESP.

Just look back at all the top psychic fails. Study cold reading and shotgun guesses.
The closest we have got to understanding and proving Psychic abilities is in the realm of Remote Viewing, Legitimate Controlled Remote Viewing programs within intelligence and military. They say they the theory and practice of Controlled Remote Viewing methods lies on foundations involving Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Tunnelling. Its quite sad that genuine Parapsychology research isn't taken seriously because of the common bad image given by Frauds and Magicians.

The CIA claimed that ESP didn't show any major successes and terminated Stargate in 1995 but yet continued to use the practice of controlled remote viewing within the US Army and in Iraq. Ed Dames and Paul H smith both worked in Stargate and the Post stargate Programs and show evidence for its continuation. Its common sense that a intelligence agency would lie about a topic like this to hide any successful usage.

Also Russel Targ and Hal Putthof, 2 respected scientists and phycists from MIT worked on ESP for decades and see it as genuine with solid evidence, A 80% success rate within strict scientifically controlled experiments and with trained remote viewers, with successes so accurate they outweigh any chance of luck. Watch R|ussel Targs TED talk on psychic abilities it makes it understandable. 

By the way when thinking and looking into Parapsychology i would stay away from filling your perceptions on the topic with stereotypical psychic frauds, magicians and new age profiteers. Trust me dig deep into paranormal subjects that have evidence and strange phenomena it will show you that some of these things are plausible.
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Thanks for post!
I would say definitive as opposed plausible.
Brain = Physical
Mind = Supernatural

All human have mind, so YES not just human but all living organism have psychic ability.
Brain = Physical
Mind = Intentional

The supernatural realm would be something completely different from both. Moreover, we'd need to sit down and lay out just what a "supernatural" realm would entail. Then, we'd need to come up with a good strong argument for its existence.

The reason why the mind is intentional (as in, dealing with the realm of intent) is because intent is ever-present in our universe. intent is imparted with a simple passing gaze. intent is present in the nature of physical forces too. Forces behave a certain way. Objectively physical, there is underlying nature to physical happening. When we watch fire burn something, the objective nature is that Force A has impacted Force B. The moment we start to perceive those forces interacting, we place intent on those forces, so as to describe, label, and then classify what has occurred. Without us, all that A-B interaction has is a potential for intent. It's just being run by forces, and has certain non-physical attributes that govern how it will be perceived.

Psychic ability is governed by intent, in that it happens to be intent interacting with intent. I think that could be completely possible. Telepathy. Dream-walking. Sure. All of this stuff could be possible through the realm of intent, where will rules the day. The moment "psychic" abilities cross over into the realm of the physical (like with tele-kinesis and the like), that is where it becomes both difficult to argue its existence in that manner, and extremely difficult to prove. The reason why is that intent and the physical do no cross-over to impact each other, save for instances of sentience. Sentience isn't just a matter of being a being capable of reason. I would better define sentience as an intersection of intent and the physical. Where will is created, intent can then affect the physical indirectly.

Long-story short, yes to the possibility of direct intent-intent interaction. No to the possibility of direct intent-physical interaction. And indirect intent-physical interaction is pretty much our default state.

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