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Question on vampires
I had a odd encounter a few weeks back, I was eating at a restaurant when my friend had to leave (volunteer fireman). Not long after a man who had been looking over our way off and on comes up and asks me if I am a vampire. I find this odd because I don't dress goth or anything of that nature. But this isn't the first time this has happened.

He rattled something off about aura and whatnot. So when I got home I hit the books. I have been into alchemy for a good while not but that was the extent of my depth into the paranormal/spiritual.

I find this interesting because I actually have to make sure I get a large amount of iron to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Also some traits that match up are:

There will be a dark colored ring around the iris of their eye.

There is generally a noticeably different color surrounding the pupil.

A real vampires breathing will be slightly shallow at all times.

Real vampires tend to be very charismatic to some while having the complete opposite effect on other people.

Real vampires tend to be extremely sensitive to sunlight and other bright lights, resulting in discomfort and most cases a migraine.

Anyways, what are some thoughts. I am a alchemist first so I didn't want to go to one of those vampire community sites that tell everyone who comes they are one. I assume that vampirism is a deviation in human evolution, maybe more predatory based than what we consider normal.
Don't mix the two Vampire (Creature of the night) with Energy Vampire (Person who absorbs other people's energy when in proximity). They are entirely two different things. That may be what the guy was asking about. Then again, I could be completely wrong about what the conversation was about in detail.

The folklore of Vampirism is tarnish as of late by the movie industry and most people who want to be a vampire think about the movie made vampire legends which are so far from the actual folklore in itself. I'm sure you could find a good link somewhere, I would help you out but I'm stretched on time this morning, else I'd link you somewhere. Perhaps later as I need to update my catalog on it soon anyways.
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