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What Annoys You Most About Paranormal Tv Shows?
(04-03-2016, 10:55 AM)Llyr Wrote: For me it's got to be on "ghost hunting shows" when the investigator is in a 16th Century German castle or something trying to talk to ghosts in English...

Also on ghost hunting shows, especially stuff like "most haunted" when something happens and suddenly the cameras pointing at the floor, everyone's screaming, they run, then 5 minutes later someones looking down the camera panting saying some crap like "we heard a noise" or "something touched me". You're asking for a response, stop either pretending to get a response, or being mega surprised at getting what you ask for.

There's a lot that bugs me, but those two really grind my gears.


As for Most Haunted it's been showing on Destination America. Tried to watch it once and couldn't get past 5 minutes.

As for all in English...That is an interesting question although I have seen shows where they answer in other languages. Guess that ties in with apparitions with clothes. All the more reason for the phenomenon to be seriously investigated and understood.
I have to say the editing, besides the eye-rolling tropes they always use. Sometimes it can be too much trying to come off scary but ends up comical if not cringe-inducing. Devil Smiley
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I can not stand the shaking and wobbling, flashing light to dark, etc camera "effects"

I also hate the crazy suspenseful dramatic music

I have always avoided these shows so have not seen much. All the things I dislike about those shows is the same for UFO, ancient mysteries, etc. If you are going to do a documentary like this you do not need to add more BS to it than there already is with the wacky camera angles and music

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