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Astral Vampires
Hi guys.I'm new here.
Hi guys.I'm new here.
I have several questions and need your opinions and some cool jokes to lighten up the mood on a Serious topic.
1)what are astral vampires like humans astral projecting?
2)what's the link in people feeding on your energy while awake(consciously) and asleep(astral plane/subconsciously)?
3)ever wake up drained and you were asking for answers(how do you wake up more tired than when you slept/like you ran a marathon twice)?
4)these vampires look so happy and full of life they are not what they seem?

Okay I was asking questions why the sudden drain of energy in me a huge drain like nothing i have your vitality and recovery stolen.I saw a dream where I saw people I knew.the people wee around my bed in my room and realised they were done with draining me and one was rejoicing.
Now let's just say iv been exposed to a lot of stuff recently.
I need answers.
What can I say demons/shadow people ,astral projection,targeting,sabotage,like a system of the physical and metaphysical constantly attacking.
Like evil and cunning and disgusting stuff.
The thing is I ain't scared of the demons and people found themselves joining groups to attain power.
So many observations.
I know witchcraft exists,demons or greys or aliens whatever.
What's up with their evil eyes and death stares.swerving in front of my bike(not in attentive or blind spot swerving,like swerving on purpose) or acting really stupid when I'm driving.
Any insights and advice will be appreciated.
The masks they wear have been shattered.The veil is shattered.
Man I can't even go to a freaking barber,these guys be like I like your haircut,whose your barber?,these guys coming from well of backgrounds ,people who only want the best but going for a middle-class barber and not going to stylists hahaha?just to obtain my hair.hey can I borrow your jacket buddy I'm riding back I didn't carry my jacket(i Heard they need your dna even clothes work)
Ohh have this I brought this for you specially eat this.
Them throwing their stupid looking signs.
They CONSTANTLY COMING TO DISTRACT ME,WHEN YOU JUST START BUILDING POSITIVE MOMENTUM they SABOTAGE me.being stared at so hard you smell burnt electrical wire, and you in a place where they ain't a wire,and you feel sick like you have been punched on your jaw and feeling dazed like boxers /ufc/mma as in you standing by sheer willpower ?
Someone explain who has experienced this and even on a larger scale??
I mean there's some insane positive things ,which I won't mention yet that has kept me from being outright going and joining them or going crazy.kinda like the 1% is so amazing and the 99% of crap not having the complete disastrous effects,you know what I'm saying.them and me both be like I should be dead or worse...........sort of thing
Truth is really stranger than fiction.
I understand law of opposites and how the contrast is.
Anyone know????like really know what I'm on about.
How could I be soon naive and burnt so many times?
First, welcome to the forum Smile

And second, from the way I see it, those people don't have to be always vampires (if they're indeed real living persons and not something else). Because, at least there're 2 ways to make someone to feel drained. First, by sucking the energy right out of that person (and sometimes, they're not doing it for feeding purpose, as they can also do it to just disable a person). Or second, by blocking the energy circulation so the person can't use his own energy to support his activities. There're some people capable of doing this feat, either by nature or through training. And, there're also spiritual entities capable to do the same thing.

And I think the most important thing for you now is to know how to protect yourself rather than to find out who or what they are, what are their motives, and how they're doing it. You must put your well being on the top of your priority list in such a situation. As for 'them', well, you can put them under 'protection' on your priority list although I don't see it to be a very important thing to do.

For this protection matter, there're several ways you can try.

Some people found that praying before bed can protect them from random paranormal attack(s). Some other people are also carrying protective items with them, like gemstones, to protect them. Or, you can try to find your guardian spirit(s) and make a bound with these spirits so they can provide you with as much protections as necessary.

Good luck Smile

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