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Dragon Magick
Draconic wicca is a branch of wicca associated with dragons. Before choosing this path and connecting to dimensions of dragons, i will suggest a few tips:

-research dragons and this branch of wicca. You may think you know dragons, but you are never sure

-don't mess with dragons. They are beings of infinite power and infinite wisdom. They should be respected. be polite with them and be careful.

-read a book about them. there is only one book that explains this branch. Its called Dancing With Dragons. it is a very useful book.

-before contacting them and connecting with them, use shielding and protection spells and rituals on yourself because you never know what will happen when you enter other dimensions

-if you feel like this branch doesn't fit you and you aren't able to contact dragons, you can disconnect from the dimension any time and connect to some other one. but don't give up soon, dragons are elusive and mysterious beings.

I wish good luck to anyone who wants to be a part of Draconic Wicca.

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