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Tall Shadow Man
I recently remembered for some reason that I had a very strange encounter when I was little once. When I was in 5th/6th grade, I would get up in the middle of the night to go get midnight snacks. I obviously wasn't aloud to do so but my mother never knew. So, one night I had gotten up to go get a midnight snack and when I would do so, I would always keep my eyes down because it was very dark and I had to watch my feet in order not to trip. I got halfway through the living room but I looked up. When I did, I saw a tall, broad, blacker than I don't even know what (The body structure was masculine but slender) figure standing right there in front of me. The figure was just standing in the middle of the living room, what I presume to be, starring at me. It was so intimidating and for some reason, I got the vibe that it was 'looking down upon me' like I was a disgrace but then again I for some reason knew it wouldn't hurt me. For some reason I could not move or scream but I was terrified. I could only stand in shock. I finally regained my mobility and literally just slowly backed up and walked backwards into my room. The 'thing' did not follow, did not move, did nothing but stand completely still... watching me. I couple of minutes later, I tiptoed back out to the hallway and looked into living room and the figure was gone. I then ran to my mother's room and slept with her. I remember now, a year later I was at a middle school football game with my friends and we were forced to go under the bleachers because of rain. We took a picture facing the stadium with the woods beyond the stadium to our backs visible in the pictures. The following night I was looking at the picture and I noticed, way off in the corner, the same tall figure standing in the woods. It was the size of an ant, that's how far it was but it WAS there. I immediately deleted the picture and wiped it from my memory. It's been about 11 years now and I have not seen the figure since but I'm afraid I might because the memory was recently STRUCK into my head, randomly! Feedback would be amazing... thank you!
Had a couple of weird incident like this a few years ago on following evenings
the first i was in bed and saw a large black dog next to me it was blacker than the nights sky and i kicked at it and it vanished.
second night around the same sort of time i saw a tall dark shadow man inside my door his eye were red and he was as tall as my door frame i just stared at it till it went away. never seen before or since
It's probably a strange thing to ask, but did your head hurt at the moment of the incidents? Something very similar has happened to me but I believed it to be a dream, you're starting to make me rethink this. I'd possibly like to learn more.

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