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Can dogs reincarnate?
Ok I admit this could be wishful thinking but maybe not. I've also no idea how long reincarnation takes. In July 2012 I lost a dog in a serious car accident he was only 5. As I was also in the car accident don't remember anything about it luckily I had a month in hospital and another month back home coming to terms with losing my dog that was by far worst thing about the accident. I was in coma a week and needed Physio to walk again but that was nothing at side of losing my dog. My nan brought me another dog as a pup. By time I got him I was ready for another dog and he has helped me move on. It's only now I've started thinking about reincarnation and things why I think it could maybe my last dog reincarnated. 2 things that make me think this are when we first got my current dog he was 7 week old and seemed to settle in as soon as he arrived yet now he doesn't like any changes. It was like he knew he would be happy here. 2 he isn't keen on traveling in cars even tho he is used to it and goes places he likes in car he still doesn't like it. We have had times about 2 or 3 when he knows he's going in car and he point blank refuses. My other dog was always on back seat without a harness as he was well behaved and that was the reason he was killed but very likely would of been killed with harness on it was that bad of crash. Since getting my current dog he always has harness on in car but even with that on he isn't keen on going in. We don't force him but encourage and he will normally get in.
It could be, the dog that died is now with you in ghost form. Still living with his family. I wonder if the few times the new dog refused to get in the car is because the ghost dog was already sitting there?
If humans are able to reincarnate, all living beings should be able to too. To say your new dog is the reincarnation of your past dog is a bit of stretch if you take into mind how many living beings are cycled around. It's more likely your new dog is very similar in terms of temperament. Wink
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I know some people who believe that we reincarnate in groups. That is our friends and family and contacts now are the same ones we have been involved with in previous lives. Not saying I think this way but I know people who do.

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If anything reincarnates, I don't see a single reason why dogs and other animals wouldn't.

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