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Shadow Person?
Hello all,
I am not sure if I am doing this right at all or if I am even in the right place, I am new here and I wanted to run this by you guys for input,
Long story short, a shadow that was believed to be my daughter by other family members has appeared on two different occasions.
My now son-in-law was asleep on the couch and he told me one morning "Tell Hannah I wasn't scared when she was standing by the couch staring at me this morning" I asked Hannah why she did that and she said "I didn't, why would I stare at him?" He said the shadow looked exactly like Hannah and it was wearing a hat that she wore at her job at the time, the thing is, she never brought that hat home.
The second sighting was another family member asleep in the living room, saw the kitchen light come on, saw a shadow that she was sure was Hannah, then the light went off and she figured Hannah had gone back to bed. When questioned Hannah once again confirmed it had not been her.
My question is why is (whatever this is) mimicing my youngest daughter? I have an older daughter as well.
Any ideas?
Often "shadow people" are simply spirits which have not yet learned how to fully form an apparition. That's the most likely paranormal explanation. Other natural explanations include that Hannah is lying or doesn't remember doing those things, or sleep-walking, or the eyewitnesses dreamed/hallucinated the "shadow". Waking dreams aren't uncommon so it is possible they imagined it. Alternatively if the second person was aware of what allegedly happened to the first they might fabricate a story to substantiate the claim. These are all possibilities.

It might not be a bad idea to look into the history of the property. See if there's any reason why it might be haunted. I would also start a journal to document possible experiences and list a couple of alternate explanations where possible. It's your house so if you feel uncomfortable have it blessed/cleansed and that should put a stop to things.

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