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Past Life Regression
When I was a teen about seventeen or so I did a past life regression exercise I had read of where you find a dark and quiet space to sit or lie down, then you empty your mind of thought and when you enter that space picture a door. When you have the image open it and wait for what occurs. In mine I suddenly found myself moving very rapidly down what appeared to be an alleyway in what I perceived to be somewhere the middle east. I then ended up in a dwelling that seemed to be of extreme poverty. I knew myself to be a woman with many children, I was without a husband either through abandonment or death, perhaps using prostitution to survive. In this life now I do feel uncomfortable around certain men for no rational reason. I also believe I was very devout in that life and at the time only having ALLAH to give me comfort. So in this life I do proclaim the SOURCE in PASSION for that very reason. I was born again in 1959 through Re-Incarnation. And this is not an apology..TO ANY.. SOURCE YOU WERE AND ARE MY COMFORT. AND FOREVER THE ONLY ONE WHO IS.
You do know Allah's a male diety right? So it's ok for him to be male but not God the Father?

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