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Reiki, magic and mumbo jumbo
“Reiki doesn’t work.” That’s odd. Both the treatment and placebo groups had the same effect on subjective outcomes. With regular medical interventions, we conclude the treatment does not work.

I would argue that there are also many potential harms from convincing patients that unscientific treatments are effective because of their non-specific placebo effects. This is a deception, violates patient autonomy and informed consent, and sets them up to perhaps rely on ineffective “magical” treatments for non-self-limiting illnesses.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

What I see about Reiki is that it used to consist in very hard and advanced ancient techniques that only some few were able to perform, and it became a popular fashion, where everybody think that they can do Reiki so easy like that, paying some classes or just feeling the energy.
I have practiced Reiki myself, learned with an advanced teacher, she was really good, a lot more than what I see around, she isn't just a reikist, she really lives like a priestess, meditates many hours a day, eats all healthy, and now she must be already in the Himalayan living in the temple with the Monks, she does astral projections, being a skinny 115 pounds female has the same strength as a man, and better resistance.
So, that is my Reiki teacher, a powerful admirable priestess, and basically what she teached me is that we are like John Snow, "we know nothing".
We can just feel the energy, feel things, maybe see colors, images, like dreams (our experimental Reiki sessions use to happen in a weird hypnotic state of both participants, is like being in a dream but here, you can see lights flying in the room, the other person getting bright and changing colors, you can feel like floating. Those experiences with this woman were of the weirdest I have had, but, after all, if you ask me "if it worked", I don't know, we just felt "things" that are rally very hard to describe, it is all too abstract. People pretend to put meanings to the abstract things they feel, pretend to make easy the very difficult, clear the unclear. We can barely play with the energy, feel it, see a bit of it, but that doesn't give us control over it. Each person has he's own energy, you just don't get inside someone else's energy field and do what you want, see so clear how everything works, what is bad and what is good, transfer external energy and make it work so easy like that. I fully agree that the effect of Reiki is mostly placebo, with some exceptions.
But medicine still underestimates the power of placebo, or suggestion. It uses to be much more effective than many medical treatments, if you add the plus of reinforcing it with hypnotic suggestion the effect placebo increases its strength even more.

In the evil area of magic also suggestion is very important. In Haitian voodoo, when they want to harm someone, one of the main points is to show the victim that he is being cursed, like leaving a symbol made of blood in the person's door, scaring him to the bone, that brings the victim to a state of mind where he is gonna be more likely to fall into bad things.
Medicine cannot deny the power of suggestion, it is the most powerful thing in the world, mind control, manipulation, all this thing is about that, all of us believe what others want us to believe, all of us are manipulated and suggested somehow.

You have seen many doctors who are not heart or brain specialist. Many doctors are paranormal specialists. They deal with the writing services paranormal activities. Those who are stuck with the ghost and abnormal things call them to get help

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