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Has anyone encountered benign shadow creatures?
I'll try organize my rapid thoughts into something relatively easier to read, as I tend to ramble lol.

My mom has never had a history of anything delusional or hallucinations. She's also never had what she claimed to be a paranormal experience in the past, though she's always shared my interest in it.

I think going to see our healer/psychic/medium for her first time might have had a slight, but positive (I guess, it's not negative so far). But that's another story!

After she went to her she shortly thereafter received some of my Uncle's ashes. She has had a few experiences since these events. Blue and white orbs and such, but one that even freaked my dad out (which is surprising because more skeptic than anything) was she woke up one night to what she could only describe as plastic bags rattling. This can be easily dismissed, but she says there were plastic bags in her room and she always has earplugs in and a bunch of fans/air purifiers/a/c in the room etc because she is such a light sleeper so who knows.

She then was awake and through the darkness saw two shadows of people on the wall that stretched up towards if not onto the ceiling. She said they had red eyes, and she was scared, but did not feel like they were bad. She just didn't know what the hell to think so she put her head under the covers. She had asked our healer if she might know what they are, and she said what she was getting about it was that they were more there to watch over and guide and possibly protect. I wish I could remember her explanation for it in more detail because what she said as to their supposed intent would make sense, as my mom was in the middle of some huge stuff at the time.

So any thoughts are welcome. Im just curious if anyone else has some knowledge or experiences, as you always hear negative stuff when talking about shadow people.
Most shadows that I have seen that aren't accompanied by something to cast it, seem to be watching something. Haven't seen one with eyes yet. Does she not freeze with all that stuff on?
I'm not sure what you mean by freeze with all that stuff on? you mean like fight flight or freeze like go into a nervous nothingness with all that stuff going on? IDk. She doesn't seem to. It's more frequent than once in a while but not often "enough". I may have asked her how she felt about all that I'm not sure. If I did, she must not have given much of an answer (she's not so good at communication - trust me)
I have not encountered any like that, I'm not sure if that is a shadow creature anymore, But I would recommend asking somebody who knows better. The only one I have seen is a regular one

"To play a wrong note is insignificant, To play without passion is inexcusable" ~ Ludvig van Beethoven
People believe a variety of things about them. Some think they are thoughtforms/tulpas, some think they are spirits of the deceased. Some people think they are non-human entities such as demons, djinn, archons, parasitic beings, etc. Others would insist they are just products of that weird space between waking and sleep (hypnagogic hallucination or sleep paralysis type experiences). 

I would say that they are at the very least, uninvited bedroom invaders. You probably wouldn't take too kindly to worldly uninvited bedroom invaders, so why anyone wants to tolerate other-worldly ones, I am not sure.

Regardless of what you believe they are, they yield easily to banishment. You can use something from your own belief system, or you can find the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) on youtube.
I have seen shadow creatures many years ago that were running in aimal creek bed near the apartment and they did not look like any human or animal.

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