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I just want to know...
Sat Dev - - True God
is it not demonised Hindu stuff
gets about that Satan
He knows God more than does Jesus, don't he?
Satan is far more knowledgeable than jesus when it comes to matters concerning how the world really works.

And also on the true nature of Man.

I always found jesus a bit naive insofar as the latter category is concerned. He looked in the wrong places for True Evil. And also lambasted many as being evil who were in fact not.

Satan is smarter than god. Which is why He was tossed out of Heaven. It would be like a boss who is threatened by the Intelligence of one of his workers. And who cannot answer the Big Questions He asks.

So what does the boss do?

He fires the employees, whom he Rightly perceives as a threat to his dominion; and as a possible Usurper.
If Satan was smarter then God, Satan would have tossed the Almighty out and set up his throne above the heavens.

Well, actually Satan has done better than that.

He now has Full Reign of the Earth and the actions of god's Mankind.
He's still God's Devil.
(03-19-2015, 07:33 PM)Der Ankläger Wrote: Whether Satanists believe in him or not is irrelevant to Satan. The end result is the same—their souls are in bondage to him, and, unless God’s grace intervenes, they will experience eternity in hell.

You really have a skewed view of what Satanism is. There's a term for your beliefs and it's Reverse Christianity (or "Crusty Christianity"). Your entire philosophy revolves around the bible being literally true.

If you hate Christianity as much as you do, one would think you'd set the book down. It's counter-intuitive to be clinging to it with the ferocity that you do.
i believe that there is no heaven, and there is no hell, it's weird to say that but just think for a second, if there was a hell, it would be irrational, remember that those who dwell in hell are the fallen angels, it means that beings with far superior intelect made a mistake and were forced to live in a horrible place making "bad" humans suffer for eternity, and it doesn't makes sense, according to the bible, these fallen angels are there in hell doing this for thousands of years, at some point don't you think they would be tired? like, "dude, i don't wanna be bad anymore... making these humans suffer is awesome (because they deserve it) but i'm tired, i wanna be good again". like us, angels (who are superior spiritual lifeforms) have consciousness (or else they wouldn't have gone bad), at some point they would change their moral inclination.
Now, heaven, for me it doesn't exists either, because, also, it does not makes sense, why would God make us go trought suffering, pain and probation of a lifetime (which is not that long...) and then say; "okay you hve been good for 80 years of hardships, now you can spend the infinity doing nothing, just keep praising me and you can stay here", it would be pointless.
Finally, i believe that when we die, if you have been good, good things come your way, and if you hve been bad, inconsciously you create your own hell and pay for it, as for the afterlife, i think that there is work, there is good and evil, and there are purposes and missions made for your evolution as a spirit.

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