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Paranormal Research & The Scientific Method
I agree that it should be possible to apply the scientific method to the paranormal. However there are some nuances that would have to be addressed. First, one is dealing with people (both physical and spiritual). One encounters a host of challenges when working with people as they tend to be uncooperative at times. Essentially, one would have to apply some lessons learned from behavioral sciences to the field.

Second, the scientific method makes the assumption that what we call reality is well behaved. Remember that there is a non-zero percent chance that if you throw a ball at a wall that it will pass through unharmed (though I like my odds of winning the lottery two weeks in a row better). Suppose hypothetically that there is "noise" in reality. The method as it is would break down because noise by its definition is random and unpredictable. There are no other explanations to be found. In all likelihood experiments in which such noise was observed would be disregarded because other rationale would be considered first. Who knows maybe what we consider to be paranormal is actually manifestations of noise in reality.

I hope I have made sense here. I'm typing this on my phone and it isn't exactly ideal.
You made sense, that's why I always emphasise in "waves", because I think the scientiffic anwers that we are looking for are there, in physics, it is an exact science and it has laws.

Nikola Tesla invented the radio one day that he had a telepathic vision about his mother dying, (she was thousands of miles away really dying), so, trying to explain how could he perceive that, got the idea of "waves travelling in the air and a receptor tuning the same frequency", he saw the waves like angels playing violins and bringing him the new.
I agree with 1 certain post experiences come when they come.Not on demand or fixed schedule,date,time,or yr.I've had my expericenes alone & with others.We 2 have a spirit in our home,nothing bad.We just agree to get along,& share this home together.Believe it or not,this spirit is friendly,playful at times,& does not bother our furry family members,or our child.Nor does it bother our guests,or when our grown children visit(grandchild).I guess that's how some things go.Just my thoughts,keep us posted.

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