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Is this an evil spirit? Please help me!
About a year ago my mom would wake up with markings on her arms, around the anniversary of my grandfather and my grandmother. She'd stay in a room alone by herself, where in fact my grandmother died in. Yet we believe that my grandfather's ghost comes and goes at times, he was at one point an alchoholic. If it wasn't for the markings, we would've said that it was more than likely sleep paralysis. Did you have any marks?

When the body is still, it'll send signals to your limbs and other parts that'll check to see if you're awake or not. When you get to a certain point, you'll eventually get into a Lucid Dream point in which you may or may not see something in reality that is not in fact there; or maybe it is and you're on the astral plane?

Remodeling can undo a few things until everything is done, like in my house we used to have a lot of things fly around, voices, knocks on walls, even people appear. We've replaced, and fixed about 70% of this house in the 20+ years we've lived here. Here's the funny thing though, the foreman (boss) that was in charge of our drive way; turned out to be a con-man who knew how to do the work, but decided to do it cheaply. Absolutely ruined the drive way, the entire thing cracked in less than a week. He suffered a heart attack, experienced many physical issues; he was perfectly healthy before he started work on our place. We had it redone of course by someone who was more experienced and recommended by our state.

Side note: The old owners of my house had a grounds keeper who would fix and replace things on the property. His ghost remains on this property as does his blessing, he was of hispanic heritage and does not like those who are trying to do harm to those of this house. He's almost like a house guardian, he's scared away many people; yet we believe his entire existence on this property revolve around these coins buried in our backyard. We removed them once, and everything went to hell; they were pure gold Mexican Peso. We researched it, and this is one way to bless a house.
Whatever don't fear....if you have a strong faith/religion then go that way if not then post and I'll give you a psychic protection visualization that may help. It may be the husband or may be something that occurred on the land before the house was built??
I would reclaim the home, you can do this by a church blessing, holy water etc or by smudging with sage or frankincense and myrrh. (you can find out about smudging on the net but I'll help if not) Tell the energy to go (only if you feel confident do this), light candles, incense and play calming music to bring peace to the house.
I've given a few options here a lot depends upon your intent and will.
Biggest problem is without being there it's impossible to really know what if any energy is active and why.
Good luck and keep us posted. Smile

You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
I wouldn't think it would be your guardian. You may have several entities at the home. Sometimes, one of them might not like a particular person, for whatever reason. I know, we had one here who was a bit protective of me and jealous of the bf. It broke his hair brush (he has long hair), and it gave him a little scratch on his hand when I was mad at him for playing too much WoW. We had to come to an understanding (and we did). No harm has come to him since.

You may want to try and communicate with the entities at your house, and sort this out. Even guardian spirits can become a little over-protective, at times, and need to be reminded to respect your boundaries.
I guess it was bags of coins. Workers found some bags a couple years ago when they were remodeling the kitchen. This was about a year before the mother passed.

(05-30-2014, 02:23 PM)Itheblaze Wrote: What kind of stuff was hidden in the walls? Next time you see your landlord tell him your son seen a man dancing in the kitchen, could it be his father?

(05-30-2014, 02:23 PM)Itheblaze Wrote: What kind of stuff was hidden in the walls? Next time you see your landlord tell him your son seen a man dancing in the kitchen, could it be his father?

I tried responding to this once already and somehow it ended up on someone else's post. A couple bags of old coins were found a couple years ago when the kitchen was being remodeled. This was about a year before the mom passed.
I've known people to hid valuables in their house all over the house. I'd buy a decent metal detector, and have a real good search. If you find some more coins it could be the link that's holding him/it there.
(05-30-2014, 11:58 AM)Jaysonswifey Wrote: I'm new here and I'm really hoping I'm posting in the right spot, I just really need some help. I've never experienced anything like this so all of this is new to me.

This all started about 2 weeks ago, I went to my Grandpa's funeral :-( and I've only been to the cemetery a handful of times (I've been really lucky and haven't had to bury many people, my Grandpa was the first person I lost that I was close to)

So a few days after the funeral I was in bed about to fall asleep and I felt someone touch my hand, I couldn't move my hand, I couldn't wake up my husband, and then I felt nails like fingernails and my hand was being squeezed. The next night (and every night since then) I fell an evil presence when I'm in bed at night. At the risk of sounding absolutely crazy I'm just going to tell you exactly what I feel. It feels like an evil man is standing above me while I'm laying in bed, it's so hard to explain all I can say is I feel like it's a man and it's an evil scary feeling! 2 nights ago I was laying in bed with my hands on my chest under the covers (ever night I keep my hands and feet completely covered because I'm terrified I'm going to feel that again!) so with my hand under the covers my hands started feeling like they had NO circulation, they were fuzzy feeling, if that makes sense, it literally felt like there was no circulation in my hands.

Every night I dread going to bed, I stay up as late as I can because I get so scared. Also, my house is very old, not sure how old but I do know the ppl that lived her before us lived here for 60 years, to my knowledge nobody died here. I don't get scared or any bad feelings at all until I lay down and all the lights are off but the tv. I pray and pray and lay in bed with my eyes closed because I feel like if I open them I'm going to see something. Nothing helps, I just eventually fall asleep.

I'm sorry I wrote you a freakin novel, I just don't know what or where else to go.

Thank you,


Sometimes spirits of the deceased try to say goodbye to people they love, but many people really aren't ready for that sort of contact. There's also a possibility that when spirits of the deceased touch us, there is something that happens. I don't think the newly dead realize this. I had a dream about my Mother who had died some time ago, and in the dream I wanted to touch her, but she said I couldn't. Something about energy, and that she could accidentally hurt me.

Try not to be so frightened. It may very well have been a one time thing that he visited you. If it was your Grandfather, he'll feel badly about frightening you and it won't happen again. Your fear that you somehow have an evil spirit attached to you, however, could manifest actual phenomena. Be careful with that. You could literally be scaring yourself silly because you bent your hand the wrong way in your sleep.

If you think that you've carried something back from the cemetery, try to relax a bit about that. Most (if not all) spirits are far more attached to people and places they knew in life, and not to their graves.

That's way 2 cool,finding old coins.I second the motion get a metal detectar,go for the gold.I also agree with Pix & others.Claim your home,cleanse,bless,say a prayer,surround yourself with white light.Don't dispair God is always there.Well all the best & keep us posted.

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