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(06-05-2014, 08:35 AM)MrsMultiTasker Wrote: I thought flowers indicated good things.So if a spirit passes gas,is this a bad thing?I guess it would be if everyone thought it was you,unless you're home alone,but if you have pets they would get blamed.I wonder do ghosts pass gas?You know how some investigators say what's that foul odour,stentch?When nothing could possibly cause it.I think I'll try to find out this info.Do ghosts pass gas?

I'm so sorry, Mrs. MultiTasker, and to all of you who read my post before, I was in a hurry when I'm typing the post so I didn't re checked it. In my country, it's true that the scent of jasmine can't be used to indicate the presence of Kuntilanak (or other negative beings-for a reason, it has it's own exception: to indicate the presence of positive beings), I'm sorry that I may have confused you, I was about to say that the scent of some other flowers (so far I know only some type of flowers, not all of them) can be surely used to indicate the presence of negative beings around us.

Let's take this 'cemetery flower' as an example, I don't know what you call it, but we call it 'Kamboja'. Kamboja is actually the name of the tree where the flower blossoms. Quite a big tree for a flower tree, if I may say, it can reach almost 3 meters in height and scalable as well. In my country, we can usually find Kamboja trees in cemeteries (that's why I called it 'cemetary flower'). Beautiful as the Kamboja's flowers's colors are (bright pink with yellow streaks), the scent is also nice. But, if you smell the strong scent of Kamboja's flowers without seeing the real flower(s) (or the tree(s)) nearby -especially at night, whether you're alone-in bright place, or not, please be careful. This kind of scent most of the times indicates the presence of negative beings around us. The presence of Kuntilanak can also be indicated by the presence of Kamboja's flowers's scent, not just by the foul stench like a rotten corpse. I think the scent indicates it's intention toward us. If the scent is bad, it also has a real bad intention toward us. If the scent is 'good', well, negative beings are still negative beings, better stay sharp.

Also in this post, allow me to answer your question, Mrs.MultiTasker. I don't know what the others will say to answer your question, but based on my own experience, personally I'd say: 'yes, they do'.

May be it sounds funny, but once in my life (and once is enough I guess), a naughty negative being was really (pardon me) farting (do I write it right? Farting?) right next to me while I was working alone in the middle of the night on December 2013, in a closed room, while there was obviously nobody else-not even my cats, with me inside the room. The smell-I must admit, was really ghhreat lol, strong, 'warm', and not to mention-foul. I was slightly mad that time, I felt like being insulted. But there was no further disturbance though, the smell was gone in the next minute and I was able to finished my work in time. Apparently it just wanted to make some fun of me, and it has been confirmed that it was really 'farting' there (thus, it's intention was just to make a joke, nothing more). I said that because the smell can also be used to indicate the presence of negative being(s) around us, even if it's not 'farting'-it's just simply 'bring' the smell with it.

That's in my opinion, sorry if I'm wrong, hope this helps.

Forgive my English, I think my Bahasa is better Smile

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