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Does anyone else have a close connection with their orbs?
Hello everyone. Just thought I'd ask this question out of curiosity, and I wanted to share my experience with some other people who might find it worth their while to read.

Personally, I have had a rather interesting relationship with my orbs, or at least one in particular. I have been capturing it on camera since I was about 10 years old sooo...for eleven years. I have used over ten different cameras throughout the years, caught it on video tape once, and have seen it with my own very eyes...but only once in person. When I turned 10, my dad gave me his old digital camera and I happened to catch a white glowing thing in one of my first pictures. My sister called it my "spirit orb," some kind of guide or angel that protects me. I decided to name it Sparkles...I know, but give me a break, I was 10!
I was pretty young and bored then and I found the concept fascinating, so I started going out at night and "playing" with them, and noticed I was getting pictures of one in particular. It was very distinct because it had a purple/blue outline, often one side yellow-one side blue, and if it wasn't completely washed out with lightness it appeared to have sparkles when I zoomed in (hence the name) in the middle with a very prominent outer ring. I was able to actually play games with it, er one game...Hide and Seek.
Here's a picture of him, I believe this was taken when I was around 11 or 12:
[Image: 2vbkig7.jpg]
I would go out when it got dark and I would say, "Okay Sparkles, if you're here and ready to play, let me take a picture of you." Then I'd snap around and if it didn't show after a few minutes (which, let me add, was pretty rare), I'd shrug and go back in. But if it did show, I could then spend several hours playing with it. I'd snap in one corner and it wouldn't be there, then I'd snap in another and nothing, then I'd snap above the roof and see it and yell, "Ha yes, I got you Sparkles!" then the whole cycle would began again. Sometimes it would hide a little too well, or maybe I was just missing it by a second, but if I would say, "Olly-Olly-Oxen-Free...I give up!" it would show up within the next few pictures, then we'd continue on. Or, if it didn't show up, I would give up for the night.
Another picture from many years ago: [Image: w0m5iu.jpg]
I know how completely bonkers this all sounds, and even as I'm typing this I am realizing just how strange of an experience I've had. I kind of just assumed that everyone had orbs and played picture-taking games with them. My parents and family were fascinated by it, though I couldn't ever get Sparkles to play the game while my dad was standing out with me, which I always found really strange. It seems as though he's a little shy, except for two people in my life: my childhood best friend and my current best friend. My childhood best friend and I spent hours and hours as kids playing this game with Sparkles, and she was always a little jealous because we never did seem to find "her" orb. As you can imagine, I started collecting quite a few Sparkles pictures, and there is a huge file of Sparkles-Hide-And-Seek pictures on both my mother and father's computers, or at least I hope they are still there after the hard drive failure O_O.
Anyway, I still take pictures of Sparkles to do this day, though I haven't played Hide and Seek with him in a while. In fact, I have kind of been ignoring him because my boyfriend of the last two years doesn't believe in "that sort of thing" and I got a little tired of the useless arguments over spirituality and what it could be. But, funny enough, Sparkles will always find a way to interject himself into my pictures, especially if I'm feeling really stressed out or going through an emotional time. When my boyfriend and I decided we were going to travel a few months ago then went on a hike, he popped up in a picture (I think to show his approval Big Grin ) :
[Image: 11vgpjp.jpg]

The latest picture series was about three weeks ago...I got just got my new camera in the mail and was testing it out. The very first picture I took, I saw my little buddy!
[Image: 213ohhc.jpg]

Then two minutes later, a very interesting series where I snapped one facing forward, one turned to the right, then again one facing forward. I'll add the time between as listed in the picture information:
[Image: 34ijomd.jpg] 10:06:03 PM

[Image: 2exvupc.jpg] 10:06:10 PM (seven seconds apart, I'll get to the little one in a second)

[Image: 344tfgm.jpg] 10:06:38 (28 seconds later).

The last one is very interesting because it almost appears that it was trying to rush back from where I had just take the last picture to make it into that appears to be in motion. The first two pictures it appears very bright, sticking out like a sore thumb, then the third it looks a bit toned down, then one the last one it looks like it's lost a lot of energy, perhaps burned itself out. Or at least that's what I think. It's also very exciting for me that it seems as though Sparkles was trying very hard to get my attention after I hadn't been outside taking pictures in a long time; it was almost like he was going, "Hey! Hey! Look at me, I'm here!"
And as far as the little one right below him, I'm not sure what's up with that one but I seemed to have captured it in a least four pictures that night, and I was only taking pictures for about ten minutes. I wonder if I've had the honor of gaining another one, or if it was someone else's here? I remember I used to "have" another one - a big, dark, round one named Luna - but after a few years of never distinctly seeing it and never being able to "call" it like I can with Sparkles, I just deduced it to me being overly excited about the phenomenon and making something out of nothing.

So anyways, now that I've gone on a superb rampage, what do you all think of it?
Do you think my Sparkles is really a spiritual being, or perhaps I just have a amazing gift for calling on dust?
Does anyone have a similar experience to share, or pictures?

I still have truly no idea what Sparkles is or could be, but I have my theories. Sometime before I leave on my trip, I'd like to go out and try to play with him again, but unfortunately it will NOT show up around my boyfriend -- too much skeptical energy, I think. If I do, I'll happily post the results here. Thanks for reading, if anyone did actually make it through that whole post, and I hope to hear about your guys' possible orbs and any ideas you might have. Smile

I'd call the little one Spike. It sounds good with Sparkles. What an interesting story. Have you ever had dreams about Sparkles? I guess you felt like it was a he. It almost sounds like a child spirit, wanting to play and all. What is this wonderful trip around the world you're taking? I wonder if Sparkles will follow? Keep us posted.
I think this one is harder to debunk than most orbs (or paranormal phenomenon in general) since you've seen it your entire life and have the pictures to prove it.

I don't have a relationship with any orbs, but I seem to have a revolving door of spirits, from landvaettir to cat ghosts to a dead boy. I've never caught a picture of any of them, though.
The images you posted are all of airborne particulate matter (bugs and dust, etc...) very close to the lens reflecting the flash back to the camera, commonly known as backscatter. even the camera makers explain it in the users manuals

[Image: original.jpg]
If the story is real, its amazing, if it's not, would be a very good fiction story anyway. I used to see orbs very often, at mmy house and at the mountains at night, they appear everywhere, in all colors and sizes. They can be a lot of things, the ones living amongst humans may have or not a human origin, the ones at the woods have nothing to do with humans, they belong to other worlds into this world.
Hiya Kat,

Thanks for sharing the photos and your experiences. Sounds like Sparkles has taken a liking to you. I'm not quite sure about the translucent orbs but the solid orbs, which seem to have a slight hint of a trail, are compelling. I have many photos of orbs but I debunked most of them to be dust or moisture particles. There are some which seem to have their own light source and leave trails (moving) that I find very interesting.

Some skeptics, who claim that all of these orbs are dust, moisture particles or even bugs, do not take into consideration why the camera would only focus on a single particulate of "dust" or "moisture". Some of t the photos I took in fog and in rooms where I purposely raised dust, resulted in images inundated with translucent orbs. Photos with single or a few orbs are a bit more difficult to explain away.

Hope to see more of Sparkles. Take care.

Gideon, if you would read the post that CDS put up, it explains why that happens.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Scary, it sounds like you believe all orbs are dust. Nothing wrong with that opinion. I, and others believe a few could be spirits. Overall, this is a good orb story. This is the first I've heard of playing hide and seek with one.
It totally amazes me with all the testing that show orbs are foreign particles illuminated by the flash or lights effecting the clcd or cmos are explainable. The camera manufacturers have explained them and even how not to capture them. Testing with stereo cameras prove they are dust inches from the camera lens. This shows as the orb is only captured in one picture its in front of one only. But blind believers cling to but some are different. The fact point and shoot cameras capture them and a dslr with a lens hood doesn't should say something. You can disable your camera flash and move an auxiliary flash further back from the lens and guess what orbs are no longer captured. I would post links but its obvious people do not want facts.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
..and actually I don't believe all orbs are dust. Some are moisture also as well as skin cells, carpet fibers, insects, hair in front of the lens, etc. And I've developed this opinion from reading all the information that is out there. Orbs in pictures have been explained, but some will not listen to those explanations.

I am not saying that spirits absolutely do not exist. I am saying that it hasn't been proven. And certainly not by explainable pictures. I am not saying this to attack the OP or their beliefs. I am saying this because they posted the picture for opinions.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick


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