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This appears to be posted in the wrong place, however, it was in response to someone asking what debt did Jesus pay?

God said in the Bible that He inspired prophets to write, "seek God and you will find Him."

Jesus came into the world after laying down His deity..., and that was just the beginning. The Bible says in pretty plain english that He was born of a virgin birth. He came to satisfy all the Law in the Old Testament, up to and including dying under the penalty of sin, not on His account as He had never sinned.

Very near Easter, I think the Jewish authorities charged Him falsely with blasphemy. Then He was tossed around from one judge to another and none could find any fault in Him worthy of death. So Jesus was sent to the Roman officals who had Jesus mocked by the Roman Centurions, and they pulled out His beard in chunks, and beaten and bloodied Him to a pulp.

These officals had to keep the peace, and Christ was at the center of all this turmoil. I believe Herod had Christ tied down to a stump or large stone, and subsequently savagely whipped with a "cat of nine tails." There were pieces of stone, broken glass, nails, animal teeth and claws tied to leather straps..., truly an instrument to administer death. When the Jewish officals and Roman officals were done with Him, Christ was sent to Pontius Pilate who offered the crowd to choose between Barabus and Jesus who would subsequently be crucified for their crimes.

Pilate hoped that Barabas's reputation would make him a natural choice. Pilate had been warned by his wife to have nothing to do with this man Jesus. That really scared Pilate, because his wife was rarely wrong. The crowd made their choice and Pilate "washed his hands," symbolically washing Jesus' blood from his hands so all could see..., and he proclaimed "may His blood be on you and all your children. Christ was given a cross to carry to Galgotha, where upon His arrival He was promptly nailed to the cross. This form of Roman punishment was normally reserved for only the worst sort of criminals.

So, the "debt" was not Jesus' debt, rather it was ours. Jesus paid with His blood, and ultimately His life..., since the Law required it in order to redeem mankind. If you didn't know, blood sacrifices require a pure sacrifice, free from any blemish or any other sort of impurity. God requires the very best that a man can offer to God. This was done in order to be forgiven of sins.

Jesus had prayed some time ago that "this cup" might pass from Him, and then He said, not my will but thine be done on earth even as it is in Heaven. And if God spared not even His only Son, it begs the question, how will he deal with us?

God the Father raised Him again on the third day, and Jesus had taken the keys of Death, Hell, and the Grave. And the evidence that this worked was others who had died in years past were also ressurected. And the people recognized the old prophets, and others. I believe that Jesus literally walked into Hell and preached the Gospel to those confined there who had never heard the Gospel before, and those that chose to follow Jesus were redeemed as well.

In closing, Jesus had ascended to the Father, then promptly returned to His disciples. Jesus ministered for an additional 30 or 40 days. Pontius Pilate even spoke with Jesus again. Here is an interesting point, years later, Pilate went insane living in one of his forts that was built on a small island.

Don't be fooled. Satan and God "play" for keeps. Icontexto-emoticons-07-032x032

And finally, they all said Amen (or so be it).
Forgiveness is next to deity.
To all who think of worshipping Satan.

Satan is the Father of lies. He is evil, insane and disgusting.

Do not be fooled. He will trick and tempt you subtly into disobeying Gods Word and against all that is good and righteous.

You may think you dont need the one true God and Jesus, but you do. Only they can save you from damnation and the grips of satan and his evil demons. Satan may lead you to believe he cares for you, but he doesnt. Satan is not a creator, except of confusion, hatred and all things disgusting.

I know what im talking about.

I pray with my whole heart people stay right away from satanism, do not worship satan, do not give him any praise whatsoever.

You may think im being too serious, but believe me when I say, you need the one true God YHVH and Jesus Christ by your side at all times. Never deny them. Satan and the demons are only too happy to take control of you, and you wouldnt even know it. They are subtle and can influence your thoughts and actions and youd never even know they were there. You could be living your life with demons and never know it.

I have experiences with this. I know what im talking about. Please listen. Satan and the demons are evil. They are against everything pure and good and clean and holy. The satanic bible and satan himself will never tell you the truth. Its all about getting a grip on you. Testing you. Turning you away from God and Jesus. Once they have you, maybe you can never get rid of them?

Turn to God - YHVH and Jesus. Be strong. Have faith in all that is good and pure and clean. Never make a sacrifice or offering to satan or other so called gods. Please listen.

This life is the only chance you have. There is no going back to change mistakes. Think about what your doing. Watch every thought you have. Love the one true God YHVH with your whole heart. Satan will not make christianity seem appealing to you at all. Satan hates God, hes jealous and knows hes going to the pit with all his demons. He knows he only has a short time left and will do all he can to influence as many as possible away from God and Jesus.

I know what im talking about. I pray you listen. Stay away from satan and satanism, lucerferian worship and never make sacrifices or offerings to him.

And I read AvengingxAngel say she doesnt know anyone who has been possessed. It sounds AvengingxAngel is possessed. There are different forms of possession. Sometimes it so subtle you wouldnt even know, other times its seems apparent as a mental illness, others physical disturbances, it depends on the demon and whether or not you have God and Jesus by your side. Do not be fooled. Many of the evil takes place in the world today could be caused by satan and his demons working within humans.

Being a satanist should not be taken lightly. Your eternal life and earthly life depends on it. People really need to make a serious conscious choice. Do I follow good and what is right, or do I follow all that is hated in the world? I pray you decide on the narrow path and choose what is good and right. Reach out to YHVH and Jesus, they are ones who love you, not satan. Satan in his heart wants you to burn.

Peace YHVH Jesus and Holy Spirit be with you all.
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, authorities and the powers of this dark world and against all the spirutual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6 : 12
Dear God,

Please save me from your followers.

Hey, I'm not possessed! OR AM I?? Muahaha Devil Smiley
(08-31-2009, 11:34 PM)Woozle Wuzzle Wrote:
(08-22-2009, 04:51 PM)The Warrior Wrote:

Caretaker...I agree.....WWJD....What would Jesus's good to remember that's addictive.

i think Nietzsche analyzed it best: Jesus just submitted and let his enemies kill him, givin the message that self-sacrifice was beneficial while your enemies lived on.

(08-31-2009, 11:30 PM)Bracket Wrote:
(08-31-2009, 11:25 PM)Woozle Wuzzle Wrote: Satanism (put that in "") isnt a religion. its really human nature. i cant imagine how many religious nuts read it and felt "disgusted" yet it described them in a nut shell. i am an atheist, not a satanist. i have read the satanic bible, its a good read but its no book of evil or devil worship. its about ppl grasping their true nature.

Technically it is a religion. It has followers with beliefs.

This is the definition of "Religion" from Wikipedia.

"A religion is an organized approach to human spirituality which usually encompasses a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural or transcendent quality, that give meaning to the practitioner's experiences of life through reference to a higher power, God or gods, or ultimate truth."

In this case, the higher power is Satan.

and the satanic bible states there is no satan. read the book.
That sounds so ridiculous, that book with name Satanic bible states there is no Satan. Perhaps they should remain their "bible" with "Non-existing satanic bible" or something like that lol.
The Jedi are a religion now, and there aren't any Jedi.
Jedi isn't suppose to be a religion.
[Image: space.gif]
And yet it is. Disturbing, I know, but still there.

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