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I am a caulbearer.I was born with a veil over my whole face.When you look on the internet it will tell you that caulbearers have special gifts.They differ from person to person.For me it was see,in a dream , the deaths of those I love.My first vision was of my own mothers death.I was 8yrs.old and for days I would dream of my mothers funeral.She died 2 months later.This is when an aunt told me I was born with a veil and that seeing my mothers death was a gift.I also saw the death of my uncle just 2 days before he died.I saw my sisters husbands death the night before he died.This all happened between the ages of 8 to 13.Ater the last death I had a fear of dreaming and started taking sleep aids.I dont have them now.Dont understand how this was a gift.Im just glad it stopped and hope it never returns.

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