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Vampire Hunters in my dreams
These dreams have come to me in sequence. 3 separate dreams, but extremely detailed and vivid. I'm not sure if they are premonitions, but I know they mean something important

Dream one: I'm in a dark forest with a small group of people. They are all wearing similar clothing with some kind of armor. Long sleeves with a black leather plated vest, and metal shoulder plates. I am wearing white robes with a hood, with intricate designs over all. I cannot remember most of what they said to me, but I was handed a sword and recited a prayer. (I dont think it was a cult, the prayer was nothing super unusual). They handed my a sword and I asked if I was ready to prove myself. I said yes and one of the others blew some kind of horn. Shortly after, a lot of these strange small creatures starting coming down from the trees and attacking us. The others kind of herded them my way as I fought them off. After a while of this, I was exhausted and had several bites and scratches, but the rest ran away. An older man then walked up to me and put a necklace around my head (It was just a leather band with a few beads and a metal cross) and said "Welcome to (I can't remember what he said).
Dream 2:I feel like it's been years since the first dream. I'm walking in a very old building. It feels abandoned. It's dark, and damp. I'm going in to rescue someone. I feel a presence close by. I take a bottle of anointing oil from my pocket, rub some on my fingers, and cross my head and say a prayer before going further. I keep walking, gripping a dagger on my belt with my right hand. I feel something watching me. I turn a corner, and at the end of the hall is what I've been feeling. It is a "person" but not living. It is grey, with sunken eyes. It runs at me, not making a sound. I yell something, I can't remember what, as I draw my dagger and thrust into its chest while grabbing it by the throat with my left hand. It goes still, and I let it go. I cross its arms over its chest and say a short prayer. This happens a few more times, sometimes several of them at once attack me. Eventually I find what I came for. In a room there is a girl with her hands tied. "It's going to be alright. You're safe now." I tell her and I cut the rope. She looks up at me, her eyes are bloodshot, her skin is flushed and I can see her veins through her skin. "What did they do to you?" I gasp. "I dont know." she moans. "Im in so much pain...I'm so thirsty. Please kill me."
"No, we can get you through this, come with me, we can do something." I'm pleading with her.
"No, you know thats not true." She's crying. she grabs my hand, and places my dagger up to her chest. "you have to do this for me. End the pain."
I am crying with her. No no no no I cant do it. "I love you" "I love you too."
Dream 3:weeks later, I'm in an old abandoned shack with one of the people who were present in the first dream and a new one. The first is a man who is about thirty. He has ratty blonde hair and is very scrawny. There is also a girl who looks like she is about 16 or 17. She has short strait black hair and is thin. her name is Alex, i think the man's name starts with H. "Alex, secure the doors and windows. H come here." I pull up some of the floor boards, there is a bow and a crossbow with arrows for both. I hand H the bow and set the crossbow aside for Alex. "Alex, you done?" "Yeah Im ready." "Okay you two run that way up to the ridge and hide. Cover me when I run out, don't let me die." They both pick up their weapons and run off. I stay, again anointing my head and praying, waiting. I feel more of those 'things' coming, so I run out in the same direction as the other two. I feel these things getting closer to me, but H and Alex are shooting them down. I turn around to face the rest, three of them sprint past me up to where H and Alex are hiding. There's someone else. Not like the other things, maybe a normal person, maybe not, but I fight it. Not going into detail, but both of my shoulders get cut really bad, and I'm bleeding a lot. H and Alex pick me up and carry me on their shoulders. I pass out. I dream about the last dream. Then I "wake up" in another building. Underground I think. I don't know how long I'd been out, but there was someone with very strong healing powers treating me. My wounds had closed, but it still hurt. After resting for a while another guy came up to me. He was greasy black hair and bad teeth, but wasnt an ugly person. He looked at me angrily. "Alex could have been killed because of you. You got hurt because you're reckless and arrogant. and weak." he grabbed my necklace and ripped it off. I was furious, I stood up and struck him twice, despite the ache in my shoulders. Two of the others grabbed my arms and pulled me away, and the older man grabbed the other guy by the collar. He screamed at him, "HE'S arrogant?! HE'S weak? He saved Alex's life! He killed (I think he said Garner?) Now he's injured and recovering from a successful mission! I should have let him kick your butt! You two are brothers here! ACT LIKE IT! Now, pick up the necklace, restring it, and ask him to forgive you." He pointed at me, "And you better forgive him." the other guy did as he was told. He came over to me later. "You really did that by yourself?" I shook my head. "H and Alex were covering me. They saved me from at least five before this happened." gestured at my shoulders. "Oh, well, thanks for looking after Alex. And I'm sorry for how I acted. I just care about my sister." "I forgive you." I dozed off, and woke up in my bed in the real world.

I have no idea what these dreams mean, but they're nothing like anything I've ever experienced. They are so vivid, so real. I anyone has any answers at all, please tell me. Message me if you don't want to openly comment. I swear to privacy if I get any answers.
Fascinating. I myself want to know if these people exist in real life. Or maybe you and I both read too much about them in fiction novels.
I have two pieces of advice for the OP. Stop playing so much D&D and stop eating spicy food before bedtime.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

Sometimes we can transition into the astral world while we are sleeping, hence the super vivid dreams that have way too much detail to be normal, and the consecutive story. Also if you have been meditating you can gain snips of past lifes.

Love and Light
Astral projection does not equal vivid dreams. I just want to make the distinction clear. They are two completely different things. Whether or not either of them grant you snippets of past lives or the future is up for debate, but they are not one in the same.

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