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Ghost Hunters Advice
New to the site, hope this is the correct location for this post.

I work at a supposably haunted location in the midwest. In fact, many people believe it to be one of the most haunted locations in the area or even the state. The facility is a museum. Of the 4 emplyees at the museum 3 totally have no interest in ghost hunters and have a great disdain for them. I am not a big ghost believer but am open minded, have had some unexplained occurances, and heck, I get a little comp time staying late so no harm. Since mid January of this year 31 ghost hunting groups have contacted me at the museum. I always resond firmly giving them our rules. I must be firm, not rude, to ward off the thrill seekers. In the past, I was very lenient with ghost hunters and college film students... until a few bad apples ruined it for honest people like yourselves. We instituted the new rules.

Here is my word of ADVICE to ghost hunters, coming from someone who you might contact in the future. This is a how to, and how not to get into a COOL location.

Number 1. Do not presume that everyone is interested in ghost hunting even if they work in a haunted location.

Number 2. Do not TELL the person when YOU will come to them, ask when it is convenient for THEM to let YOU in!

3. I work 40 hours a week and some weekends at the museum, have a wife, 4 kids, a yard, animals that need taken care of, etc... do you REALLY honestly think that I WANT to stay at the museum on Friday or Saturday night from 12:00PM-3:00AM? (was told that recently). I want my weekends off just as much as you do. I want to rest, take care of things, spend time with my kids.

Number 4. If you can ghost hunt during the day or a week day evening do it and do it nicely. I have let several groups who have been very good to me and polite work late into the evening just because I liked them and they are easy to work with and they have built up my trust.

Number 5. If one employee at a facility gives you a stern response with rules that are difficult, DO NOT go over his head and instantly email the Director and tattle on him. Chances are the Director instituted the policy and probably doesn't give a d#mn about ghost hunters. You should work with the guy who responed because he took time out of his busy day to reply to you when he didn't even have to.

Number 6. Even if a site is haunted do not presume that they want to capitalize on it and make money NOR presume that they are starving for the 50 bucks you give them. My museum is doing fine thank you and we really don't need your money... it's just another rental for us.

Number 7. This is sort of a personal thing and you can ignore it if you want to... I hate it when ghost groups tell me that they "won't charge me" for coming. Hello, we didn't invite you, you're the guest in my place, I'm bending over backward for YOU to let you in.

Number 8. I am a professional. I have a Master's Degree. I am an experienced school teacher with a license. I have written a book and am working on another. I'm not a dumby. Don't treat me like I'm one. Skulls, Grim Reapers, and Bats look juvenile when I check out your website. Email addresses like "sillybutt" are on the fast tract to be ignored. You're not going to be kicked out for a typing mistake, it happens, but poorly written emails of introduction reflect badly on your cause. Lastly, don't be presumptuous and give me a break.

I get a ghost group a week on average lately. I'm sure that some of them are really nice people. To be quite honest, most groups that come get all kinds of strange documentation of one sort or another. All the strange, scary, weird stuff happens between 8am-8pm! Try those hours first, build up my trust in you. Don't throw your cigarette butts on my lawn. When the sheriff stops you, give me a little "cover" so I don't look like an idiot... tell him you are doing a Folklore study, or a film study, or historical research of some sort (which is all basically true).

I really am not much of a ghost believer but I know all the stories at my museum (and there are many). I honsetly think it's neat when a good group comes and doesn't put me out too much and plays by the rather strict, but doable, rules. I like the follow up. Ghost hunts are not in our "Mission", so we don't ever have to let you in for any reason. The last ghost group was rather rude and presumptuous, and now has threatened to spread the word to every Paranormal site and Historic site how awefull we are. You know, the rules are strict, but I really am a nice guy, and I can work with people (a nice group who "didn't piss me off" is actually coming this week at NIGHT. It fits MY schedule at home and I'm actually happy to see them because they have built a working relationship with me. Sorry I couldn't work around the threatening groups schedule this week- excuse me, jeesh.

Hope this helps. Not trying to sound like a jerk but this is what I go through ALL the time lately (must be a fad or something?) I have to weed out the thrill seekers from the professionals. Unfortunately, the NEW ghost policy at my facility will probably be NO GHOST GROUPS at all ever again. I don't like to be threatened, neither does mt boss. I can't really tell you where I work or in what state, sorry. Good luck good groups Wink
Hello witchking, I am not a ghost hunter, but I really appreciate your post. I can totally imagine how it is when you work at a famous haunted place. Every thing that you have listed here seems to me to be nothing more than common courtesy and definitely not too much to ask from anyone that would be lucky enough to be allowed in your museum.
Thank you for that post! With the explosion in television paranormal shows the number of thrill seeking paranormal teams has exploded. There are those that feel you owe it to them to let them in and yes I read weekly people the idiots that threaten the owners or worse yet read about all the arrests for breaking and entering. I see it posted part of these thrill seeking teams is to get in a posted place without getting caught.

In the U.S., the popularity of ghost hunting has led to some property damage and injuries, according to news sources. Unaware that a "spooky home" in Worthington, Ohio was occupied, a group of teenagers went to check it out. The homeowner fired shots to scare off the trespassers, shooting a girl in the head. Another group of teenagers in Peru, Maine admitted to accidentally starting a fire while hunting for ghosts inside of a former wood mill. Trespassing or vandalizing ghost hunters have also been arrested in cemeteries in Illinois, Connecticut, and other states.

Officers voiced their concerns for public safety at a recent crime prevention meeting. Public places invaded by Ghost Hunters, is also being targeted by vandals, and underage drinkers. Arrests are being made weekly of so-called Ghost Hunters

****Elouise Asylum ****

Four teens accused of sneaking into a Westland building on the old Eloise property — former site of a poorhouse, farm, asylum and a hospital — may have been looking for ghosts, police said.

“They said they went there because they heard it was haunted,” police Sgt. Jeff Trzybinski said.

Instead, the youngsters have found themselves in trouble for allegations they stole computer equipment, a DVD player and a clock radio.

Westland 18th District Judge Mark McConnell on Monday arraigned two 17-year-old defendants on charges of larceny from a building, and two 16-year-old teens are facing similar allegations in juvenile court.

The teens are accused shortly after midnight last Thursday of breaking into a Wayne County building — named after retired Wayne County Commissioner Kay Beard — that still houses some county services near Michigan Avenue and Henry Ruff Road.

The building sits on a once-sprawling medical complex, and some ghost-hunters have long claimed the site is haunted.

Trzybinski credited Garden City Police Officer Robert Matigian with rounding up the four suspects after an anonymous caller provided a tip last Saturday afternoon. Police recovered the stolen items, Trzybinski said.

McConnell arraigned two 17-year-old defendants, Bradley Michael Wilson of Westland and Bryant Jacob Marshall of Garden City, on charges of larceny from a building. McConnell set a $10,000/10 percent bond for the teens, entered not-guilty pleas for them and scheduled a May 21 preliminary hearing to determine whether they should stand trial in Wayne County Circuit Court.

I will let you know that the paranormal field itself is sick of actions like you just read. Its destroying the reputations of all and they are for GET PERMISSION BEFORE YOU ENTER.

Unfortunately its the actions of a few that destroy it for all of us.
So once again Thank You!
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
Whew, I thought my post was going to get flamed. I really wish that I could "call out" some of the problem groups so that you guys could harass them (ha ha). Seriously. Groups all the time tell me when they are coming with no regard for whether or not I can, or want to do it. One group TOLD me they would be at my museum from 12:00P-3:00AM! I'm like 40 and don't stay up that late. Would you go back to your place of employment on your only day off so that you could sit around untill 3 in the morning! I guess my time, my wife, and my kids don't matter too much. I told her very truthfully that almost all of the weird, scary stuff happens between 8AM-8PM (it gets weird around 2PM if there's nobody here... don't know why?) Oh, I don't believe in ghosts all that much but it seems like groups "stir up" the paranormal "dust" when they come and it gets weird for weeks after they leave and I'm the guy out here alone until 11:00PM dealing with it. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Just something to chew on and debate in your paranormal circle. Have a good day.
I will add one more thing, some places like moundsville prison and mansfield reformatory charge $50.00 to $100.00 dollars per person for a ghost hunt with a 15 people minimum. It may be a good way to add revenue to the museum plus pay for someones wages to watch over them. Oh and I will also mention most of the teams are pushing for people to not list places they investigate online any longer. Also places like has removed addresses for those not registered. So we are trying to protect owners of supposedly haunted places.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
UglyNRude. Good point. We charge normal building rental which usually comes out to about 60 bucks for the ENTIRE group. We don't need the money that bad. Our low fee also comes with the caveat that you have to follow the rules (which are strict but doable). Since it's so cheap you have to be out by 11:00PM just like anyone else who rents the building. The Mansfield Reformatory doesn't have a stirling reputation as being a "historic" site, rather than being a 365 day a year spook house. Hate to kind of say that but in museum circles they aren't looked on too favorably. Even though we have a haunted reputation, we don't want to capitalize on it, and don't want to be a 365 day a year spook house. The trouble wouldn't worth the money. Nobody who works here want to permanently work 3rd shift every Friday and Saturday either.
Really good advice, brief and to the point. Something anyone could put together and feel ok about going out. With daytime investigations, somethings could be left out but thanks for sharing it in a manner that it can be copied and kept for reference.
Great post, I have never understood teams who don't seem to understand that it is an honor to investigate a historical site.

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