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Does a big black dog have any significance?
A black dog is often one of Hekate's companion animals
If it had been just sitting there and staring at you and didn't do anything then maybe it wasn't evil. Maybe it was some kind of spirit looking over you. Dogs usually keep on looking for or at their owners / friends. Maybe that spirit was just behaving like a normal dog. I think that when the time came that you no longer needed some kind of supernatural protection, the dog just jumped and vanished. An evil spirit would have started devouring you. You would have probably gone into depression or sadness or become really sick if that was a case. Since nothing like this happened, I don't think there is anything to worry about.
Simply put,, yes. Check out the various legends in the UK, Scotland, Wales and you will find more than there is room enough here to begin to cite a fraction of them here Enjoy the reading. Dennis
Ammo is expensive. Don't expect a warning shot.Scream_72

Black dogs can also be an omen of death, do you know anyone who died around the same time?
(02-15-2017, 01:53 PM)Uurbain Wrote: A black dog is often one of Hekate's companion animals
im guessing you mean Hekate from greek myths

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