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Nightmares caused by ghosts?
Hello all, im new here and this is my first post.

So im 19 about to be 20 in about a month. I have a girlfriend and a kid that live with me and my parents in their house.

Ever since i was about 16 i have been plagued by nightmares and night terrors. I usually dont get night terrors anymore though.

But nightmares are a nightly thing for me, and lately everyone else in the house too. There was this one night where me, my girlfriend, her kid, my sister, and my mom all had really vivid nightmares at about the same time.

But usually its just me and my girlfriend and the kid, which all sleep in the same room. The only way i know that the kid does is cause he wakes up screaming and terrified (hes two)The nightmares are always so vivid too, and recently ive been having this recurring one about my house being haunted.

I just think its really wierd that all three of us have nightmares (very vivid and strange ones) pretty much every night.

And another interesting thing is that at night when were going to sleep our pit growls and stares into the corner of the room, and we cant make her stop.

I was wondering if there was any connection between paranormal activity and nightmares? I have seen a ghost before (not in the house where i live now though) so i definately believe in that kinda stuff.
I absolutely believe that paranormal activity and dreams can be connected. Where there's entities there's energies and these energies can affect your subconscious.

I can tell you what has worked for me in getting rid of nightmares. I've never had to do because of my nightmares, I generally just shrug them off. But, I've always placed a small bible under my kids and grandkids pillows when they've had bad nightmares and they've always stopped.

I even have a friend that hadn't been able to sleep for several nights because she was having horrible nightmares and I told her to put a bible under her pillow and the nightmares stopped. I was actually kind of shocked that she tried it, she's not in anyway religious at all.
Definately try the Bible under the pillow (all of you place one under each pillow), it does work - really.

Also, just pray!

Good luck, let us know how you get on Wink

All my life I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific...
Quote:Definately try the Bible under the pillow

If I would give such advice I would definitely use the form "use any object you believe have power to repel negative energies" - not everyone is Christian, not everyone believe in power of this book, therefore it won't work for everyone (and yes, it's always about faith). Personally when I feel vulnerable I'm placing Algiz under pillow (it's a Norse rune to be believed as the most powerful protective symbol ever created on the face of this planet... still, it's pretty good when it comes to protection in my opinion and this is everything I need, others might use something else they believe to have protective powers) - no religious references needed here.

Anyway, he can't sleep with a talisman under pillow for the rest of his life, right? None talisman or amulet is a way of out this, so please don't put anything under anything as right now there is no reason for that. First, answer some questions. Having a dream by all members of family at the same time isn't very paranormal. Having a nightmare by all members of family at the same time isn't very paranormal too. What were they about? Were there different dreams or the very same dreams? Also, how do you define a nightmare? Honestly I never experienced anything I could call a "nightmare" in my life, so please be more descriptive. Is there anyone in your house who haven't had any nightmare this night? Does this experience happened only once, or does it repeat itself? If so, how often? Because really if it didn't happened more than once then we really have nothing to talk about, sorry.
Well, he actually states in his post that this is a "nightly" thing for him, so I'm assuming that it did happen more than once. He also plainly said, "I just think its really weird that all three of us have nightmares (very vivid and strange ones) pretty much every night."

So, I totally disagree that there is no reason to not put something under their pillows. Since this happening very regularly it's disruptive to sleep and can be really disruptive emotionally.

Besides, if they put a little bible under their pillows the sky won't fall or anything. If it helps great, but if it doesn't all they have to do is remove it.

As for the bible, I also said that it worked great for my friend and she's not religious at all. And, she's not having to sleep with a bible under her pillow for the rest of her life.

And, most people define a nightmare as a dream that is so scary that it wakes you up in fear.

I do agree with one thing that you said, it doesn't have to be a bible, it can be whatever you believe in.

Oh I'm sorry then, my understanding of English isn't very perfect, especially when it comes down to tenses. Now this changes things and I agree with getting help from objects such as "bible" (OK, let's stick with this word, heh).

Do you suspect that whatever is causing these nightmares, if it's demonic spirit, will go away when it finds out the family is a difficult target? Do you agree we can't talk here about residual haunting, right? Something started out of nothing, maybe someone was playing with Ouija? Sorry, standard question, we can't dismiss anything. Maybe the "evil" was invited someway, by someone? The first rule says: "evil can not enter home without invitation" - it's not powerful enough to do so, as home is usually protected by combined energies of occupants, it's a "safe spot".


What age is this kid living with you, maybe it's some kind of psychic phenomenon (Dreamwalking, it's an ability to get into other person's dreams) caused by adolescence? Does someone played with Ouija? Does anyone have some emotional or psychological problems, financial problems, anything that might have weaker the feeling of stability? Have you ever visit a haunted location (even the one only believe to be haunted), with a friends perhaps? Have you ever played on, or showed disrespect on cemetery?

Answer those questions, and the questions from my previous post and we will be able to continue looking for answer Smile.
No Nathan, you were totally right, it doesn't have to be a bible, it can be whatever you believe in. As long as you have faith that it has more power than demons. We could just call it an object of faith, I say bible because that is what I use.

I totally agree with you, something has caused this to start in the first place. And, I totally agree that it could have been unknowingly invited in. Even in a piece of old furniture, vase, picture or anything.

When I have to deal with anything supernatural suddenly appearing, I stop and think, ok what did I bring into the house, or who came into the house right before this started happening. But, since your almost 20 and you say you've been having bad nightmares since you were 16, then this isn't a case of something suddenly happening.

DeadLegend, I'd also be curious to know
If it is the same type of dreams you've always had.
Have they gotten worse for you since your girlfriend and her baby moved in.
And, if your girlfriend and the baby had these same kind of dreams before they moved into your parents home.
It might also be helpful to tell us a little about the dreams, is someone or something trying to kill you, chasing you etc

I'd also like to make another suggestion, if you've not already done this, I would sleep in a different room for at least one night. Even if I had to sleep on the living room floor. If you don't have the nightmares when sleeping in a different room, then they more than likely linked to that particular room.

Nathan you asked some really important questions there,
"What age is this kid living with you, maybe it's some kind of psychic phenomenon (Dreamwalking, it's an ability to get into other person's dreams) caused by adolescence? Does someone played with Ouija? Does anyone have some emotional or psychological problems, financial problems, anything that might have weaker the feeling of stability? Have you ever visit a haunted location (even the one only believe to be haunted), with a friends perhaps? Have you ever played on, or showed disrespect on cemetery?"

Hopefully DeadLegend will come back and answer them soon. I honestly don't think it's a residual haunting. He said the kid was 2, but that still doesn't mean that the baby can't have some type of psychic power going on. But, again, he's been having nightmares for at least 4 years and the baby wasn't even born then.
well in my dreams im always fighting the ghosts, with bibes and crosses, which is strange because im not religious at all. We dont have the exact same dreams though.

The kid that lives with me is only 2, as was stated ive been having nightmares for about 4 years so...

And the two of them, my girlfriend and the kid, never had problems with nightmares before they moved into my house, but now they do.

and nathan, were a young couple with a kid, OF COURSE we have financial problems lol.

I would be willing to try the bible thing, as the only reason im not religious is because ive never had a reason to believe, i would be intrigued to try it and see if it worked, thoug it prob wouldnt seeing as i have no faith in that kinda thing.

But anyways, i just keep having the recurring dream that my house is haunted and im always fighting the ghost, with religious items, im not religious though.

When i wake up im always scared as hell, and then the kid usually wakes up right after me (wierd because while we may not be having the same exact dream, we still have them at the same time) My girlfriend is probably the heaviest sleeper ive ever met in my entire life and she never wakes, she just talks about them the next day.

Another thing thats wierd is that most of the time people can remember there dreams, i remeber these in VIVID detail.

Im not really sure the last nightmare she had, but the last one she told me about was this:

She has a baby monitor that has a video feed onto a screen in her room, basically like a nanny cam.

This is at her house though, and she had it while sleeping at my house.

Anyways she woke in the middle of the night and saw that the monitor was on (it doesnt turn on unless theres noise from the babies room) and there was this old decrepit looking face peering into the crib through the bars looking at kody (her son) and then started looking into the camera at her too. Thats it.

I dunno if it has any connection to anything at my house...

And no, nobody plays with wiji boards or anything supernatural like that either.

And usually its just us three sleeping in that room that have them, but there was one time where me, my mom, my sister, my girl, and her kid, all had vivid nightmares around the same time cause we all woke up at the same time.

Also i said before about my dog growling in the middle of the night.

Its very obvious shes looking at something, i have a lizard (which has a night light for heat) so i can see what the dogs doing, and in the middle of the night she will stare intently at something in the corner of the room and wont stop until you physically make her. I dunno if dogs have any connection to that kinda thing but i know there more sensitive to there surroundings so...

i dunno
To be honest, I really see nothing supernatural here. Weird perhaps, but nothing supernatural. Dogs usually growl, 2-years old kids usually wake up when they hear noises, and nightmares happens. Anything extraordinary (or paranormal-related) here might be the cumulation of negative energies and some Dreamwalking phenomenon that is causing nightmares. But most probably it's stress, or even something as trivial as late supper.

Another interesting brain trick is - when you will think about something very intensive, it will keep happening. So if you're talking about weird nightmares at the very same time, they will keep happening as long as you will believe they will keep happening. Our brain is so weird biological device you never know what it might throw on you Wink.
Well, I'm just not so sure that nothing supernatural is going on. A couple of people in a house all having nightmares at the same time of the night, might happen now and then, but not every night or not almost every night. I just think they're happening too often to just be coincidences.

Yes stress and other things can cause bad dreams, but I just can not believe that it would cause all 3 of you to have nightmares that often, besides I'm sure a 2 year old isn't stressed over bills etc.

And, yes babies and toddlers do wake up screaming in the middle of the night, but I also can not believe that he would just happen to wake up crying at the same time that you or both you and your girlfriend are having nightmares.

Animals see things that we can't see and yes, dogs growl all the time. I have a dog that growls in the middle of the night sometimes to, but he's not always looking at the same exact spot, or corner of the room every time that he does growl.

Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something. What if since you're fighting the ghosts in your dreams with a bibles and crosses, your dreams are telling you that is how you need to fight them in reality?

Have you ever tried sleeping in a different room to see if the nightmares still happen? If not, I'd definitely try that and like I said earlier, please try a bible under all of your pillows. Even if it don't work for you, it's not going to cause any harm to try it. I'd already mentioned that my friend is not religious in any way and it worked for her.

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