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Manual poll - BaseCamp-like app for paranormal investigators?
Do you know what Basecamp is? Generally it's an online app for managing and coordinating projects (I won't post links, you can easily google it if you want). Since I'm working on few websites (one is already online, others are still a theory) that will create a whole integrated and paranormal-dedicated network in the future, I was wondering - as paranormal investigator, if you would like to use a basecamp-like online application made specially for managing and coordinating paranormal investigations, investigation reports, entire investigators groups etc., what kind of features would you like to see/have/use? Reports, files management, outsourced "report a paranormal activity" forms for people to contact you, mobile version for iPhone and/or smartphones hmm?

I would like to learn your opinion (and yes, such online application will become reality in the near, for my own use first, people opinion is needed to release it to the public itself). And for those who wonder: sure, you can use Basecamp or other online apps similiar to BC, but if someone will provide you with a dedicated application? Smile
I personally think base camp dedicated for paranormal investigation is a great idea. I do see a few problems as so many people do paranormal investigations in different ways. You have the scientific only groups, the psychic groups and the mixtures of the two.
Next I wonder about the costs as most paranormal teams are non profit organizations. Now some groups won't post anything online as they are private about all the investigations they do. Then you have the complete opposites that post every detail, paranormal or not. The data base would have to be huge if they put video on it. Evp's, pictures, documents, excel spread sheets and data trackers. There are some alliances forming that are trying to have everyone on the same page when it comes to investigations. They may be interested as one set up would work for all. I am curious as to what you see the final product as.
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