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My calling
(01-29-2011, 03:09 PM)dyingenglish Wrote: Thanks for the support guys. I'm not too concerned about being killed by the blair witch. I have a unique blend of insatiable curiosity combined with basic common sense. I'll go into the haunted house and investigate as long as i have to but when the wall's start to bleed that's my cue to runnoft. Though by then it may be too late...
I ain't going in half cocked either. If we do check a place out i want to know everything i can about the alleged hauntings, maybe be able to identify what kind of ghost it is before we even see if it is haunted. Even if the supposed apparition isn't "violent" it may turn that way just by our presence. That's why you bust out the charms and bring a shaman along for good measure. The latter, i am actually capable of doing. (remember kids, always have a shaman in your party when adventuring) I know to be careful not to bring anything home with me and negative emotions can "feed" a spirit. There are lots of things to consider but events in my life had led me to be less of a skeptic than i was a few years ago.

You seem to be quite prepared!!! Im sure there will be excitment mixed with a lot of hard work. Just be prepared, you may stir up something that you never imagined, or, it could turn out to be a very boring trip. Either way, have a good time, learn a lot, stay safe. You know that a lot of the older buildings have loose boards and such. Also remember what has been said already. There could be a lot of mold and mildew behind the walls and this can really create problems. Make sure there are no leaky gas pipes before you enter, this could be deadly.

I know you have thought about all of this, and I for one am very proud of you for following your dream. You dont know untill you try, Give 110% to your work. Looking forward to later posts from you. Best of luck Hun, i hope you find what you are looking for in this new chapter of your life.
Pride and Fear always distort the truth into either a false sense of security or a lack of confidence and diminished self-worth.

Angel WIngs


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