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I need confirmation on a possible haunting
04-19-2017, 02:10 AM
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RE: I need confirmation on a possible haunting
You are living with some earthbound/negative spirit(s). You are a spychic sensible, you can see or feel some paranormal things like "can see shapes and figures in other places houses or anywhere and above that if I concentrate I can also see peoples auras", "saw a shadow moving really fast" which other people can not."
Those spirits cause paranormal occurences to make living people scary such as "doors slamming", "the hallways light with flicker almost every night",
"a loud sound like something dropped off the hallway's coffee table and broke", "the room gets colder than usual" etc.
Or they try to get living people in bad mood like "a lot of tension and arguments in the house, badluck and generally finacial problems" and if you checked up by doc but "there was nothing wrong with me on that side."
... in order to turn your energy to negative one which the earthbound spirits fervently to suck it for their activities in the physical/material world. They are unable to use the positive/healthy one because of different vibration of energy.
You may know what is earthbound/negative spirit. They are people who lost their bodies which is called "death". When living people deceased, they lost their bodies but their personalities still exist. They now changed to another conditions of existence, they lost all human sense organs but they (spirits) still able to see, hear our world, including you & other living people. Some spirits understand that they are actually dead and move on to their spiritual environment to be positive/healthy spirits. Some of them knew that they are dead but refused to move on due to any reason; some don't know that they are dead or refused to move on due to revenge somebody killed them. Those disembodied people hang around living people for physical/material issues like eating, drinking, smoking, addiction etc... to be negative/earthbound spirit, causing many problem to living people.

If you understand the basic reason above, you don't need to be scary. They are almost not evil. Those spirites are not intend to do it, they do it unconsciously, they do it automatically in order to get energy for their activities. Well, you have to brush off those paranormal events form your mind, don't care about it. Keep yourselves in normal/healthy condition in order to maintain yorur positive energy which is different to the one of earthbound spirits. Try your best to rid any bad mood. If they are unable to exploit bad energy from you, they would give up and may go away.
One very efficient action that you talk with them, explaining that they should move on into the white light for happier life in spiritual entvironment instead staying here by attaching to material stuffs for more suffering.

I have recommended the way above to some people who got success and hence, I hope you do.
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