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Can a "small" paranormal investigation yield any results?
Yes, it can. But be carefull of any results you get and document. I am no expert in paranormal investigating, but I think there are a few tools to document.
Log book: Document is a key point.
Camera: Point and shoot is a must. Also a video camera is an excellent addition. With this, you need to know the settings and again document everything.
Audio recording: Popular is a digital recorder. With this, you need to be carefull, a finger swiped accidentally over the mic will give sounds like a "voice" for example. Know your device, and also document everything.
Flashlight: Mini-maglight(in-expensive) or you can get crazy and get a surefire or streamlight(expensive...a hundred dollars). Light is a must.
First aid kit.
Working cell phone: make sure it does not interfere with the investigation and document.
That is it, you can get these things for maybe a few hundred dollars at most.
Now, some things I would take with me:
EMF/KII meter: Yes controversy but know how to use them and what they are used for. Not too expensive for the cheap versions.
Kestrel weather station: I think it is a great tool. It takes temp(high/low), barom pressure, humidity, wind direction/speed, altitude...ect. Kinda expensive for the Kestrel 4000 or 4500, maybe 300+. With this again know how to use it and document.
Four gas anylizer: It will measure LEL and UEL(methane or propane), CO, CO2,O2 levels. You can even get one that checks Chlorine , but those detectors get damaged quite easy Smile Again these are very expensive and require periodic servicing to keep in spec. A few thousand dollars. However, I will guess most "paranormal" claims are because of these values.
Now we are going into what is popular, but not necessary:
DVR system with IR cameras. Not cheap, from several hundred to thousands of dollars. You will need cables and computer, also tech knowledge on setup.
TIC(Thermal Imiging Camera). Very expensive, a few thousand dollars, again knowledege on use is key.
Frank's or the Ghost box. Cheap but who knows LOL
Here you go, for something to study:
Sorry for all the edits Smile

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