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Can a "small" paranormal investigation yield any results?

I know very little about paranormal investigations so I need help from people with experience.

Basically, me, my husband and a friend were talking this evening about us doing a small little investigation of our own in some local places reputed to be haunted.

What I want to know is - can three people with little experience really get results? I know we are more likely doing it for enjoyment and out of interest, but obviously the main aim is to actually try to catch something on tape etc...

What I really need to know is what needs to be used on an investigation? I can get hold of a camcorder. A voice recorder to do some EVP sessions. And a digital camera. But are these things neccessary or any good? And what other equipment/hints/advice can you give us so we can get more than just a nice night out?

Any help appreciated Smile Thanks.

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Can a "small" paranormal investigation yield any results? - by Fiona - 11-24-2010, 03:54 PM

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