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EVP help request - DaneClark - 09-12-2019

I'm trying to ask a question to a dead friend.  I recorded my self asking the question followed by about 25 seconds of silence.  I dont see anything interesting in the spectrograph, but I'm very new to this and I dont know if there could still be a way to find hidden evp on this recording.  The only program i have access to is wavepad, and i can't find any information on whether its possible to find evp hidden in silence like that and what I would need to do in order to find it.  I'd even met someone else try to find it for me if the would be willing to.

RE: EVP help request - UglyNRude - 09-12-2019

Its never been proven evp is contacting the other side. What is proven is recorders produce sounds as different circuits kick on and off this is misconstrued as voices, audio pareidolia. Its also proven recorders not only receive but also create RF.