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Sense Ghosts - PikaPenguinCheese - 05-17-2018

So I have had this happen to me multiple times now where i have been somewhere with my friends for example abandoned buildings and stuff and i would get a feeling of being watched and the hairs on the back of my neck have prickled and it feels weird. Also one of my friends says he can hear ghosts and whatnot. So anyway i get this feeling and then later on my friend (referred to above) has said he could hear things and i dont tell people about my feelings, he would tell us about how he could hear stuff, what do you guys think?

RE: Sense Ghosts - Vultyrex - 05-18-2018

I think you shouldn't be in abandoned buildings. You could get seriously hurt.

RE: Sense Ghosts - Darkforeboding - 05-18-2018

I've often felt the "feeling of being watched" might be caused from completely natural reflexes and not (always) from supernatural reasons. Aside from people that sub-consciously recognize that they are in dangerous areas or in areas where they could be easily attacked or ambushed I've also considered the possibility that our sense of smell might unconsciously alert us that someone or something is in the area.