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Improvised God Helmet Design - Ascension - 12-10-2017

Im sure many of you may of heard of this before but today i will be talking about the God helmet and a improvised design for a version of the device.

The God Helmet is a Neural Stimulation Device created and developed by Stanley Koren and Neuroscientist Michael Persinger to experiment with stimulation of the temporal lobes of the brain using oscillating Electromagnetic fields sent through coils attached to the head. The experiments were to explore Religious and Supernatural experiences stemming from neural; stimulation in sectors of the brain.

The Experiments conducted with the God Helmet have said to induced Overstimulation and expanded awareness, Out of Body experiences, Near Death Experiences, Religious experiences and hallucinogenic experiences as well as altered states of consciousness and para-psychological perceptions.

The experiments conducted with the original device has been widely viewed as credible and legitimate.

There have been commercial versions made of neural stimulation device, most known being the 8 coil shakti helmet which is a simpler revised version.

[Image: god-helmet_p1.jpg]

If you are interested in the device aside from buying one for a large amount of money, i have formatted a revised design or prototype put together through researching other designs and instructions on making your own.

After seeing a few other schematics and ideas for designs i have formatted a revised version for constructing the device and will present it.

CAUTION: Experiment with this Technology at your own caution, Some individuals are sensitive to High electromagnetic/electrical fields which is displayed by headaches and nausea as well as other effects. Continue at your own risk.

Firstly the things you will need are:

A 3.5mm 4 way headphone splitter

4 3.5mm Telephone pickup coils

3.5mm 2 way headphone splitter and 2 3.5mm 4 way splitters 8 Pickup Coils
(optional if you want 4 coils on each side of the head for more stimulation)

Headgear like a helmet or hat or a large headband

And finally a computer.

The device functions by using software to create oscillating sound sequences with your computers sound card to send the sound sequences through the coils and turn them into Electromagnetic waves and fields due to the presence of a coil.

The telephone pickup coils are perfect for this as they contain sensitive coils which are used to pickup sound, these coils can be reverse engineered using the high frequency alternating sound pulses to convert into electromagnetic fields. They also have suction cups which is convenient as it makes it easier to attach it to headpieces with hard surfaces or have hard surfaces attatched such as a hard plastic strip or other method. You could also tape or glue the coils but that would make for a less volatile and more crude device.

you want to arrange the coils in a diamond formation around the area of your temporal lobes or any formation you want, you then want to connect each pickup coil into the splitter using the 3.5mm jacks and then into your computers headphone port. If the cables are too short you can also get 3.5mm extension cables but it should not be needed. You may also use zip ties to tie the cables together if they are messy.

When all previous steps are complete it is time to assign a appropriate software, i had a hard time finding software but im sure there are many audio softwares,The best i could find are demo sequences found on the 8 coil shakti website which use hosted versions of the software to function the device. It should be compatible as the 8 coil Shakti helmet does seem to use telephone pickup coils or similar electronics.

There are alternate versions of neural stimulation devices which use electrodes and electric currents rather than Electromagnetic fields. A good example would be a early design of the device called the PSI or Perfect Salvation Initiation helmet created by the Japanese/global Esoteric Apocalyptic Buddhist Cult Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth). The group preached combination of Science and Esoteric Buddhist/Hinduist doctrines and had many skilled scientists working in their facilities. The group developed a headgear that had electrodes or coils attached which were operated by portable battery packs. The device would sustain strong electric currents or electromagnetic fields directed to certain areas of the brain to create enhanced mediation/conscious states for group members as well as aligning members brainwave and neuron activities with that of their leader Shoko Asahara.

[Image: CAj4VqVUsAAid5k.jpg]

Once i have time i will attempt to construct and experiment with this improvised God Helmet design and ultimately test if it fully functions.

What do you guys think about this interesting and mystical technology?.

RE: Improvised God Helmet Design - UglyNRude - 12-10-2017

How is it mystical? Its tricking your brain into creating anything from god to monsters.[/u]

RE: Improvised God Helmet Design - KaelisRa - 01-07-2018

The nature of this device has always terrified and left me in aw. It's quite the miracle of past neuroscience. And I never want to see it used on anybody. It's quite the unethical machine, in itself.

RE: Improvised God Helmet Design - Darkforeboding - 01-07-2018

I love how research in this area has been hijacked by the paranormal enthusiasts.

Early research showed that electromagnetic waves might cause people to hallucinate supernatural experiences.

This led researchers to postulate that stray electromagnetic waves might cause places to seem haunted or have paranormal activity.

Paranormal enthusiasts concluded that spirits were actually causing electromagnetic waves.

Paranormal researchers carry electromagnetic detectors and claim it is proof that a place is haunted.

RE: Improvised God Helmet Design - KaelisRa - 01-07-2018

True, but the terrifying thing about the God helmet is the ability to coerce a certain response out of a subject, when their minds are clearly unwilling. Even if the subject willingly went into the program, the effect essentially bulldozes the pre-built rationale of the individual. They can't help but see what they are told.
That's terrifying and awe-inspiring.