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Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - The Warrior - 05-30-2009

Just curious to know if anyone knows if the presence of demons or ghosts can make a person physically sick?

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - Pitch Potter - 05-30-2009

I have no experiences with it that I know of. Although at the time I was readying to publish SEC, I was sitting at my PC early one morning, when suddenly the room began spinning. I felt as if the room was whirling around me. I grab the desk and held on, certain I was falling. I became violently ill. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I spent 14 hours in the emergency room before they decided to hospitalized me. Turned out I had a server attack of vertigo. I stayed three days. It took me another two weeks to recover my equilibrium.

I have been having problems during my attempts to complete MC and pray that I had no such attack in trying to publish it.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - Haunted - 05-30-2009

I definitely believe that they can make you sick. I think it's the result of negative energies that are surrounding them. Their negative energies clash with ours and can cause nausea, headaches and other problems.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - scarygirl67 - 05-30-2009

Most definitely. One possible reason is the horrible smell that usually accompanies these entities...Demons suck the life force out of everything around them,including and especially human beings. This is going to cause physical reactions.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - The Warrior - 05-30-2009

What kind of smell is it?

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - scarygirl67 - 05-30-2009

A combination of sewage and decay.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - The Warrior - 05-30-2009

What about if you are getting sick without the presence of this smell but with the signs of paranormal activity? the way not everyone is getting sick.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - scarygirl67 - 05-30-2009

Sorry Warrior, I was checking some other stuff. I get the idea that there is something specific that you're talking about. When I mentioned the smell, I didn't mean that it is always there, or that everyone would get sick. If the paranormal activity is there, and if it is including unexplained or sudden illnesses, it is something you want to investigate. I don't think UNR is on line right now, but I'm sure that would be someone to consider asking. If you don't mind my asking, what is exactly happening?
I read a really good article on Paranormal Inquirer's post under History of Demons thread. Go to and check an article by Joel Keller: Demons-A General Overview, or read the article on Paranormal Inquirer's post as it is reprinted in full. It describes the same oppressive energy I was talking about, and it describes the smell of sulfer, or really rotten eggs. Have you ever experienced that odor? Either way, the article might answer some of your questions.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - Buzze - 05-30-2009

Well I had an experience regarding to your question:

While my family was living in my Aunt's house because we moved into Arizona and it was a long move. We stayed there for exactly 100 days. The thing was the 2nd month into the house, my Aunt woke up screaming she said that she was paralyzed to the bed and this male entity was on the foot of her bed growing bigger and bigger by the second, surrounded by the shadow. She yelled "By the name of Jesus Christ I command you to LEAVE!!!" and she was freed from being paralyzed. She told my mother, and while my aunt went to work, my mother checked out the room, she felt heavy and noticed that almost no sunlight was coming in the bedroom, she opened up the blinds, blessed the room and noticed by the corner of her eye that this human like figure darting out of the room towards the living room. She chased it only to find out the entity running out the back door to the backyard. After wards she put a sutra book right by the door to my Aunt's room. Ever since then everything seemed to go a whole lot better in the house. Until couple days later.... I had a dream (at the time I was forced to sleep on the couch and the door was right behind it.) I was watching television and my mother was in the kitchen with my Aunt cooking up some lunch and for some random reason the backdoor knocked three times. It sounded like one of my friend that I grew up with "Hey Busse! get the door man. I don't want to be just sitting here outside waiting for ya!" I said out loud "I know you are not here JAMES! what are you doing disguising your voice?!" Then the voice changed again this time an even closer friend "Dude, hurry up man your just gonna let me hang outside like that?" I was like I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO THIS IS and walked up to the door. I was about to look on the top portion of the door because there was glass and my mom in my dream ran up to me and was screamed "NO!!!!!" and I woke up. That day I felt okay for once second then Immediately collapsed with severe flu like symptoms and was lying on the couch sick and had no energy for 1 week straight. I had barely enough energy to go to the restroom to take a leak.... It was very bad. I do believe these negative entities could definitely cause some variable physical affects on you... for me this experience didn't really scared me due to my past experience, it just put me down for a while.

RE: Can a Demons Presence Make You Sick? - The Warrior - 05-31-2009

While I have had my own battle with illness for white some time....I am working with God and crystals as no doctor seems to know the answer. Mine mostly deals with extreme lack of energy at times, nausea and weakness. I do however, feel like I am getting better. It is my husband that is the main purpose of my questions. This is same person that I believe to have had a demon enter and leave him many times. He had been away, with weekend visits to a Christian alchohol treatment/recovery center for the past year. It was during one of these visits that our home caught fire and after he rescued the kids, I saw the demon appear in him at the hospital. The recovery facility began to not want to help our family as my husband had worked his way up to being an inpatient counselor and the facility thought he was needed more by strangers than by his family after our fire.....and were about 1 month behind in paying him for these services. I needed him at home as I felt that I was getting sicker and sicker. Although I have felt better since we moved to our temporary location while our house in being rentovated (sp?) husband has not. He says he feels sicker now than he has in the whole year he was away from us. His stomach is 2 x the normal size of his stomach. He has been vomiting up blood and experiencing several episodes of nausea, headaches, dizziness and extreme fatigue. Our son was recently diagnosed with Mono. Everything feels like a dream...almost a euphoric (sp?) atmosphere most of the time. We have been at this temporary location for almost 3 months while our home is being reconstructed after the fire. For several weeks now we have been experiencing slight paranormal activity that could probably be explained until the past week. We are now experiencing the following: an unseen energy is throwing things at first it was in the form of shadows...then it turned into actual objects. My husband and son both had a crayon thrown at them from 2 different directions and today my son had a straw wrapper thrown/blown at him while we were out eating. I think perhaps one of the spirits involved is a younger child. We have also had typing sounds coming from an unoccupied computer, footsteps during the night, the fan being physically turned off and to beat it all....this morning my cell phone rang and the caller id showed my husband's name. I answered and there was no sound on the other end. We checked both phones and neither phone showed this incoming or outgoing phone number???? Also, lately my husband has felt the need to listen to the song "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard. The thing is my husband doesn't listen to this type of music at all. And even creepier, my friend Will that committed suicide when I was 15...well it was his favorite song. I feel like someone is trying to contact us from the other side...why? and would this explain why my husband has been so sick lately? As for my long lost friend...I had talked to him the night he tried to kill himself....I thought I had talked him out of it. When I found out the next day that he was in the hospital for overdose I was really angry with him. I went to the hospital...I observed him from outside of his room, but I never went in to talk to him as I was angry and felt betrayed. He died a few days later because he had a weak heart and even though they had pumped the pills from him his heart still gave up. I have never forgiven myself for not talking to him again. I was there at the hospital and I chose to look at him directly in the eye and be mad. I chose to be angry...and he died. He was one of my best friends....and I still, 20 years later, miss him. I have been very shocked that my husband has been listening to this song as I, in our many years of marriage, never told him that this was one of Will's favorite songs. Why now? After the fire? After and during the demons? What does it mean? You have to understand, my husband listens to Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and the like...not Lynard Skynard.