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  Anyone ever heard or talked to the Beasts?
Posted by: Sicjester11 - 04-17-2018, 10:10 PM - Forum: Ouija Boards - No Replies

For some time through out my collage stay, my friends and i used the ouija board and after the first few times of getting random spirits, we eventaully stumbled upon something that called itself FIL WILEY, the beast of guilt, through more adventures with the board we were able to talk other beasts. FIL was able to be called from any board from anywhere. we once had a cat in the room while talking to this beast, as we talked to him the cat circled and nuzzled the air under the table where the board was above. In times of scary spirits taking over the board we could call out to him and FIL would take over the board. Many other things have happened and FIL has told my friends and i other things which id love to disclose but for now id like to know if anyone has run into something like this or knows anything about the GateKeeper and his rules
Also id love to get some people together for a group ouija gathering and see what we can find
im in the Reading,Pa area

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  Basement Ghost??
Posted by: Shesadoll08 - 04-14-2018, 07:34 PM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - Replies (6)

Hey Hi Hello,
I'm new here, names Britney, how are ya?

I'm going talk about a few encounters i have had at my friends place and her experiences there too. So in September of last year she moved into a house that had been empty for about 5 years. She moved in with her 5 children. 
She told me when she first moved in she started hearing someone walking around at 3am while everyone was asleep, and at around 5-6am she would hear someone in the kitchen moving dishes around. She also sensed someone watching her, she felt eyes on her all the time. One night she had a dream she was in her living room with her youngest kid and there was an unseen thing there withthem and it threw a diaper box at her kid, which freaked her out. 
Anyway, her mom stayed with her once in awhile and she heard the same things my friend heard. 
In November i went visit her for a few days, i did not hear anything at all but i did feel like i was being watched in the kitchen at night. I slept upstairs for a few days and then i moved downstairs, i still did not hear anything. The kids were scared to be in the basement. Fast forward to february of this year. For personal reasons she and her kids left their house for a few days and went to her mothers. She returned a few days days later with her mom, daughter and niece to clean up (her niece and daughter are both 6). So they walk in and check everything, the house is a mess (they left it that way). Her mother decided to go to the store and as she was walking out the door they heard someone running up the basement stairs so her mom goes to open the basement door and no one was there, no one was in the basement. She started yelling at whatever it was to leave. So she leaves my friend and the girls at the house. My friend was standing at in the living room and the girls were on the couch talking and they heard something heavy fall in the bedroom, the girls got scared and ran out. While this happened i was with my husband at a friends house. Scared, the 3 of them came walking to where we were to come ask us to stay at the house with them, so we did. We went there and we helped clean up. The kitchen was a complete mess, i was pouring water into the sink to wash dishes when i heard the oven turn on, the temp was going up right in front of my eyes as if someone was pushing the buttons, with every push of the button it beeped. I stood there watching it thinking "what". I called my husband to cone look but it stopped before he walked into the kichen. 
We ended up sleeping over. Every time i went into the basement my chest felt heavy like i couldn't breathe and my friend felt it too but the guys did not feel it. 
My friend and i were standing in the kitchen talking about what we should cook when we heard a boys voice come from the basement, we were unsure of what it said but we both heard it and at this time it was just us two and the two kids, we were all in the kitchen. (Hours later into the day). 
On another occasion my husband and some guys were downstairs having a few beers, my friend and i were in the kitchen talking when we decided to go down so we went down there and we both felt like we couldn't breathe so we came back up, she slammed the basement door so it would shut right, we went stand by the counter and the basement door opens slowly about 2 inches and she goes to check and no one was there, we called the guys up to tell them but they didn't believe us. 
On another occasion, i babysat for her, my husband was out for the night. So i was alone with the kids till 3am, the kids went to bed at about 9:30, i fell asleep at 12am and i woke up at 3am in a panic not knowing where i was. My friend arrived a few minutes later and she fel asleep. I couldn't sleep because of anxiety. At around 7am, i was sitting in the living room on the comouter checking fb, while my friend slept on the couch. At the corner of my eye i noticed the bathroom light was going on and off by itself and i could hear the light switch going up and down, i was so scared, i tried waking up my friend but she wouldn't wake up. The lights had never did that before and they haven't did it after that either. My husband arrived shortly after that and i told him what had happened, he believed me. A few days later my friend seen an "ugly" face peeking at her by the basement door, she was so scared!
More recently, she went down alone to look for something, she started walking up the stairs when she heard someone walking up behind her, she ran and she heard a man say "hey" into her ear, scary! We've heard other noises, some of her other friends and her family have either heard or seen something.

What are your thoughts on this? It's seems to have gotten worst.

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