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  Shadow Creatures
Posted by: Haunted - 01-22-2008, 11:32 PM - Forum: Shadow Creatures - Replies (98)

Several of the places I've lived have had Shadow creatures, just like the name implies they just look like the shadows of someone or something. The first time I actually noticed them was when my youngest son was five years old. He called them Shadow Creatures all the time, when I searched them online, Shadow Creatures are exactly what most people call them.

We lived in a different apartment at that time and the Shadow Creatures were different than the ones we've seen here. The size of them depended on who saw them! Usually always the shadow was about the same size as ever which one of us that saw it.

Most of them were in a human shape, but now and then you'd get a glimpse out of the corner of your eye of what looked like a dog or cat walking by. At times there was even just very small shadows darting across the walls that you'd think were bugs.

We'd came home from the store one day and when we walked in the door, my son said, Look Mom a shadow creature. I barely seen it dart into the wall, but it had been standing at the coffee table and he said it was looking around on the table.

Where we live now we've seen several of these shadows to. The weird thing is that other people have saw the same exact things we've seen. Several of the people I've had visiting me have seen and described the same things we see all the time.

I have one here that is slightly tall and looks sort of skinny, it's always been seen going from the hallway to the kitchen. I've never seen it going the other way or any other place. It makes me kind of wonder if maybe they somehow get stuck in a certain place and keep repeating the same movements over and over.

We also have a "pet" shadow creature, I'd just started seeing it in maybe the past month. It's about a foot tall or less and for some reason I just know it's a cat, or at least a cat like creature. There will be times I see it several times a day, then it will go for days and I don't see it at all. Then it's running around here several times a day again.

These things, what ever they are don't seem to be scarey, they've never made the hair stand up on the back of my neck like some things have. They do get a little annoying now and then though.

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  Brand New Movie ~ Paranormal Activity
Posted by: CareTaker - 01-22-2008, 06:05 PM - Forum: Paranormal and Scary Books, Movies & TV - Replies (3)

New "no budget" horror film titled Paranormal Activity. The movie makers are hoping that this one will be as welcomed as Cloverfield, which had a 46 million dollar gross revenue in just one weekend.

Paranormal Activity was shown in a special screening to a packed audience this past Sunday. Many compared the style of the movie to The Blair Witch Project, which came out in 1999.

This movie isn't about giant monsters or searches in the woods, it is about claustrophobia and paranormal activity.

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